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O Brother, Where Art Thou? Archetype/Hero's Journey/Monomyth

No description

Kate Croxton

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of O Brother, Where Art Thou? Archetype/Hero's Journey/Monomyth

Kate Croxton O Brother, Where Art Thou? The Departure Initiation Return The Call to Adventure The three run-away jailers find that their journey is changed when a blind, black man tells them of their doomed quest to money and fame. Refusal of the Call One of the prisoners Pete immediately doubts the prophet's words when he hears of obstacles and their treasure not being what they expected. Supernatural Aid As previously mentioned, the main component of supernatural help is the blind, black seer who predicts the unfortunate future for the convicts. The Crossing of the First Threshold The first step the three men take in pursuing their goal is to escape from the work farm. The Belly of the Whale The men face their first step towards their quest and away from their formal life when Pete's cousin sends the police to arrest the men for the bounty money. http://www.hark.com/clips/dsmhkthqzb-though-the-road-may-wind-yea-your-hearts-grow-weary-still-ye-shall-follow-them-even-unto-your-salvation Road of Trials The three men go through a mess of trials on their journey. They face the fiery barn, George Nelson, the Sirens, Big Dan, and the KKK. Meeting with the Goddess Everett reunites with his wife, the reason he runs away from the work farm; Everett goes through all his adventures to be with her again, especially since she is about to get remarried. Women as the Temptress At one point in the story, the three men come across three Sirens who delay them and supposedly turn Pete into a frog. Atonement with the Father The men reach the all-powerful figure who decides whether they live or die. The men have been eluding this figure throughout the film. He symbolizes the devil and is trying to return the men back to the work farm. Apotheosis Everett finally defies his atheist views and prays to God before being hanged. However, once he escapes, he denies God's part in his survival and goes back to his previous beliefs. http://www.hark.com/clips/gvrmxhwqtj-we-prayed-to-god-and-he-pitied-us Ultimate Boon The men finally reach the end of their journey when they find the desk with the treasure inside and their lives are pardoned. Refusal of the Return Everett's wife refuses his presence when he tries to marry her without her original wedding ring. Magic Flight The three men escape, along with the boon, when the dam breaks and the water washes them away to safety. Rescue from Without The three men, hunted and wanted by the police, need someone to save them from being thrown back into the work farm. The governor pardons them and absolves them from all their previous troubles. Crossing of the Return Threshold Everett must go through the tough topic of explaining the true reason for escaping from the work farm: There is no real treasure, and he is only trying to return to his wife to convince her not to get remarried. Master of the Two Worlds Once again, Everett becomes the master of his life once the governor pardons him and his wife agrees to remarry him. He also realizes that he has lived a well-spent life. Freedom to Live Everett reaches the end of his journey in peace and accepts his fate with his wife and seven daughters. He acknowledges his past without regretting it and makes no rash plans for the future. Instead, he focuses on his family and his present state. http://www.hark.com/clips/wylflmcpqx-time-for-this-old-boy-to-enjoy-some-repose http://www.hark.com/clips/hztcjfmyqh-i-had-to-bust-out
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