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Platinum Pink Hair

No description

Pinky Platinum

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Platinum Pink Hair

Platinum Pink Hair
Where Hair Comes to Life
Platinum Pink Hair
is a online boutique, located in Atlanta, GA and New York City, NY. Our company provides the highest quality virgin human hair extensions, trendy clothing and accessories all at affordable prices.
A Little bit about the company ....
Where does
Platinum Pink Hair
come from?

- Our hair comes from small villages in Brazil, Mongolia, Cambodia, China, Peru, and Malaysia.

We would like to expand our company into a global organization by branching off into higher fashion, bridal, cosmetics, and prom. When we go global, we will hire an international sales team to handle the cultural differences. They will make suggestions as to what we can produce for the consumers’ wants and needs.
Platinum Pink Boutique
Platinum Pink Hair's
owners are looking to expand their business from an online store to a physical store.
Our Management Team Consists of
Christian (Chief Technology Officer)
Takiya (Chief Marketing Officer)
Abou (Chief Executive Officer)
Jessie (Chief Financial Officer)
Our initial target markets where we plan on selling our products are USA, UK, France, Italy, and Japan. The reason as to why those countries were chosen was because they are the top 5 fashion countries in the world. The marketing plan, surveys, and focus groups will help
Platinum Pink Hair
reach our target market more effectively. We plan to use social media and online marketing to reach our customers. Social media can generate leads, promote product expansion, and create customer interactions with the company.
Market research studies will help the sales leads. Sales promotion will be both in store and online. The company will use billboards, flyers, print media, commercials, and email advertisements. Customers can shop from the Platinum Pink Catalog, this is direct marketing. We will use subliminal advertising that is targeted to the consumer’s subconscious mind. Instagram, Pinintrest, Linked in, and twitter will be used to interact with customers.
Marketing Strategy
& Advertising
Platinum Pink Hair's target customer consists of women from all ethnic backgrounds, between the ages of 18-34. These women are trend and media driven, but also interested in fashion and beauty. Our customers are working adult women who are concerned with their physical appearance- they range from young college women to middle aged professionals. According to the 2010 US Census there are 31 million women in this age group living in the US.
We have also chosen to also specifically target our marketing and advertising to two other markets- working hair dressers (both male and female) and African-American women. Professional Hair dressers are likely to purchase our products in larger quantities and may spread the word to colleagues and clients resulting in free word of mouth marketing.
Our Consumers
Where Fashion Comes to Life
African-American women make up a tremendous part of the beauty market. Black woman are culturally known to wear and purchase hair extensions or "weaves". Even with the current economy, the Black Hair Care market is thriving, grossing over $185 million dollar a year, and is steadily growing.
Black Women & Extensions
Products Offered

Jewelry and Accessories
Multi-Finger Rings
Collar Chains
Phone Charms
Platinum Pink Hair
comes in all lengths and styles from long and straight to short and curly. Our hair is unprocessed and free of harsh chemicals and coloring. Platinum Pink hair is aligned and sewed with the cuticle intact to prevent shedding. Our hair is natural and manageable, it’s soft, lustrous, and can be re-used. The hair is wrapped on rods and lightly steamed to set the waves and curls in place.

Platinum Pink Apparel
comes in a variety of colors, prints, and textures that other companies don't carry. Our merchandise is for women of all shapes and sizes.
Platinum Pink Jewelry and Accessories

are unique pieces we sell in limited quantities. A majority of our pieces are statement pieces that are inspired by stylist picks.

Stylists like Rachel Zoe etc.
Exotic Hair's Origin
We would like to show you some of our merchandise.
Our New Location
Our store will be located in Grant Park, Atlanta, Ga. Upon entering our store there will be multiple computers and tablets that will help customers generate their ideal style. The program will consist of celebrity inspired hairstyles, jewelry, accessories, and apparel in an array of colors. (All though we have an instore location our customers will still shop on the internet.) Customers will choose which one they like the best and our personal stylists and stylist interns will bring out
Platinum Pink Boutique
merchandise that is similar. Every customer will receive a consultation with there stylist. Each month they will receive merchandise based on there style.
Platinum Pink Boutique now offers services along with products.

Services Include:

Platinum Pink Bride
Provide a Bridal Party Kit
Style the Bride for her wedding (hair, and make up)

Platinum Pink Prom
Provide hair and make up
Provide Prom After Party apparel and accessories

Platinum Pink Personal Styling
Providing our own Stylist picks monthly
On location stylist picks
Products & Services
Random Facts
Differential Advantage
Exotic Hair
- Brazilian hair has a
high luster
soft and thick
this hair requires the low maintenance

- Peruvian hair
medium luster
soft it is thicker than brazilian
easy to manage.

- Malaysian hair
soft with a extra high luster
requires less washing because of the heavy density of hair.

- Chinese hair
straight, thick, and coarse.
This hair has a low luster.
Blends well with African American hair

- Mongolian hair
thinner wefts

- Cambodian hair
light, silky and lustrous
effortless to maintain this hair
most popular hair after Brazilian.

Platinum Pink Hair
Balance Sheet
For Period Ending December 31 2013


Current Assets:
Cash: $500,000
Inventory: $250,000
Other Current Assets: $25,000
Total Current Assets: $775,000

Plant Assets:

Computers (6): $6,000
Printers (3) $1,500
Total long-term assets: $7,500
Total assets: $782,000

Liabilities and Capital:

Current liabilities: $30,000
Accounts payable: $2,500
Salary payable: $40
Interest payable: $25,000
Income tax payable: $120,000
Total Liabilities: $358,920

Owner Equity

Owner 1: $775,000
Total Liabilities and Capital: $775,000
Financial Statements
We have a non discrimination policy in place to help promote cultural, ethnic and religious sensitivity for all employees. We are proud to say we are an equal opportunity employer. However, with plans of international expansion and the growing immigrant population in the United States, particularly the Latino population, we prefer to hire bilingual candidates. Proficiency in Spanish, French, Italian Chinese and Japanese are a plus.
Managing Diversity
We will post current job listings and an online application on the company website. In addition job listings will be posted on the company's social media accounts ie. Facebook and Twitter. Postings will also be available on popular job search engines including Monster and Craigslist. This is mainly because we are in search of technologically driven individuals who are comfortable with social media and can quickly adapt to changes in technology. Entry level positions require an Associates Degree (buyer, stylists and customer service). Upper level positions require a Bachelor's Degree, and past experience in related fields will also be taken into consideration. Interns should be currently enrolled in college. We plan to reach out to local colleges and universities in order to recruit interns.

President- $75,000
CFO- $40,000
CEO- $40,000
CMO- $40,000
CTO- $40,000
Assistant Accountant- $25,000
Executive Assistant- $25,000
Senior Stylist- $25,000 + commission
Marketing Analyst- $25,000
Merchandise Buyer- $25,000
Systems Specialist- $25,000
Six Specialty Stylists- $10.75 p/hr + commission
IT Engineer- 12.50 p/hr
All interns are unpaid, they work for experience and college credits.
Company Flow
Direct Competitors
Indirect Competitors
Where is PPH available?
What are the price ranges?
at www.platinumpinkhair.com
Jewelry & Accessories start at $9.99
Exotic Hair Extensions start at $89.99
Apparel starts at $19.99
Featured Items
"The Kim"
European Bombshell Wave
Our best seller this month is "The Kim K" in Bombshell Wave.
The ultimate Fringe leggings
Where does the name
Platinum Pink
come from?
Platinum Pink is about everything girls love....





and Fabulousity.
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