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Big Time Rush Timeline

This is a Prezi show of how Big Time Rush came to be. With their life before and after they were discovered and got famous. This is their journey through the world of fame.

Cassandra Atad

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Big Time Rush Timeline

Big Time Rush:
The Best Band of all Time By:
Cassandra G. Atad
Big Time Rush's #1 Fan! The Beginning:
How it all Began Members of the Band: Kendall Schmidt
(Kendal Knight) Logan Henderson
(Logan Mitchel) Carlos Pena Jr.
(Carlos Garcia) James Maslow
(James Diamond) Big Time Rush was discovered as the four best friend hockey players from Minnesota. Gustavo Rocque was seaerching for singers to make a comeback in the music industry. He was holding auditions for people to try out to see if he/she or they have the pizzaz. It was James's dream to become a singer. So the three friends rushed James to the auditorium where the auditions were being held. They were just in time. Gustavo Rocque was desperate so, he told his assistant, Kelly, to bring in anyone willing to audition. Kelly put mubers on the four boys, not only James. Logan was first. He really didn't know how to sing. So....
he beat boxed. Gustavo didn't like it, so he scream "NEXT!" Next was Carlos. He really didn't know what to do, so he simply cut the cheese in the microphone. Gustavo became furious, but Kelly kept him from blowing his top. "NEXT!" Finally, it was James. He sang out for his life. But.....
Gustavo screamed "NEXT!" James was surprised. The four friends that were secretly watching became furious for Gustavo not even giving him a chance. Kendall jumped out from his hiding place and told Gustavo off. Kendall jumped on the table asking Gustavo why he shut down James. Gustavo replied" He has no talent!" Kendall was furious at this comment. He told Gustavo he had no talent for not having a hit in years. Kendall decided to sing Gustavo's latest song sang in 1995. As Kendall sang, he started to kick the items on the table in Gustavo's face. Even though Kendall was being extremely inappropriate, Gustavo loved his voice. The security took a hold of Kendall. As Kendall was in the arms of the guards, he was singing the boys famous "Turd Song."
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