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Math Used in Volleyball

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Maya Smith

on 25 June 2013

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Transcript of Math Used in Volleyball

Math Used in Volleyball

By: Maya Smith
Probability is constantly an aspect used in any sport like volleyball. Probability can be used in finding the chance that will team will win over the other or the chance that a team will get the next point. The following equation is used to find the chance of a team winning:

The link above provides charts with the exact probability a team will win with certain scores. Remember this is just probability and it is not exact, but chance.

Other Facts
You may not think that math can be used in volleyball, but this actually isn't the case. Have you ever been to a volleyball game and seen a coach put a number on their chest such as 4,5, or 6? They were trying to indicate to their player what zone to serve the ball to. Most of the time this will be the weakest player.

The server has to be able to use their arm to angle the ball to a certain zone of the court thus using geometry. A good server should be able to serve to all different zones when needed.
volleyball zones
The chance of winning and the angle of serving a ball aren't the only ways that math can be used in volleyball. For example, a hitter might spike the ball at a certain angle towards a weak player or a setter might set the ball to a certain height depending on the hitter's height.
When you play volleyball, you aren't necessarily thinking a certain angle to hit the ball at. With experience you can learn to do these things, but even the best players can't.
Volleyball isn't the only sport that uses math. Other sports such as basketball, football, soccer, tennis, and golf. Math is used in almost every sport.
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