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Digital Science Fair Project

No description

Thomas Safford

on 26 May 2017

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Transcript of Digital Science Fair Project

Your Experiment
Main Idea
Your Project Results
Digital Science Fair Project
Data table and Graph
Communicating Results
1. Conduct your experiment in any way that fits your project's main idea.
2. Include pictures of you conducting the experiment
a. If possible, add a video of you conducting the experiment
1. Share your conclusion with others
2. Make sure you are communicating clearly, and no results are left forgotten
3. Use examples and explain the process and experiments used
4.Use presentation software such as Prezi, Google PowerPoint, Microsoft PowerPoint, any other presentation software.
1. Include the focus of your project/What is your question?
2. Include hypothesis(If.. then.. statement)
3. What you found through background research.
1.Properly conclude the experiment
a."We found that-blah blah blah, and that supported/did not support our hypothesis.
Concluding the Experiment
By: Your Name(s)
List the materials that you used
List the procedures so that someone may duplicate this experiment.
Data Table
Make a Data Table on Microsoft Word and use the "Snipping Tool" to capture a picture of it. Then insert that picture here.
Make a Graph from the Data you collected by opening a Spreadsheet and turning the data into a Graph. Next use the "Snipping Tool" to capture a picture of it. Then insert that picture here.
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