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EFY introduction

No description

roberto isakseno

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of EFY introduction

The Participants "There" is Porsgrunn, Norway What will happen there? A "Counselor" is a young man or woman between the age of 19-30, who will be the guide and friend of 8-10 youth. The youth will be aged 14-18
The leaders Monday: day of introduction Tuesday: classes and dance.
Wednesday: playing games Thursday: strong focus on being good Friday: last dance and activities Saturday: departure The Purpose Meet your counselor,
Session Director Devotional,
games and goal setting,
counselor lesson study Bible and Book of Mormon,
classes then lunch then more classes,
dance (disco),
counselor lesson Study Bible and Book of Mormon,
classes then lunch then more classes,
games out on the field
making banners and cheer-offs with the group,
counselor lesson Variety Show (many different talents shown),
musical program with choir of youth,
meetings where the youth get to share their beliefs with one another,
counselor lesson
Imagine a market where topics of religion are discussed at each
booth and the youth can go to the ones they find most interesting,
Service activity,
"taking it home" (discussing how to use what has been learned)
Tired but happy These leaders need to be
so close in age so they can better understand and relate to the youth.
"Hey I loved this EFY it was my first one outside the UK and so my first ever international one. It was awesome I miss all the friends I made there :) xxx" Administrators Session Directors Coordinators & BC's Married couple responsible for finances, physical equipment and accomodations "EFY parents". The married couple responsible for the youth. They often teach when all the youth are gathered together. Coordinators and Building Counselors support the counselors in any way they can. They make the physical preparations so the counselors can focus on the youth. Both members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and non-members are invited to come and have fun together. There will be roughly 450 youth attending for this week Some of the youth have been to EFY before, for some it is their first time and come from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland. The purpose of EFY is three-fold 1. To meet and get to know new friends, and feel comfort in seeing many people who believe and live the way you do 2. To have a focus on things to do with heaven
more than earth for a week 3. To start with a clean slate. When you are in a counselor group you are with people you have never before met, and can be yourself more fully The following are quotes from youth who participated at the last EFY: "This EFY was the best experience of my life!!! I am so thankful that I went! the two things I wish are: EFY was a lot longer! and that we had dorms instead of classrooms.... oh well." "Hey, this EFY was not only the best, it was more. I am still on this spiritual high from going there. It has really helped me add joy to my life." www.efy.no
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