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Abbygail Tablate

on 17 February 2014

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The researchers’ study would like to attain efficiency on energy saving and to find an alternative for the typical battery. An alternative that would help the people conserve energy in their houses.
The researchers would like to produce something new and original to the eyes of the masses. A product that’s so new that they would find it useful and helpful in their everyday lives.
The researchers want people to have an affordable source of electricity, in order for them to lessen expensive materials and without spending a lot of money. Also, to present a natural source of electricity to inform that scientists or inventors are not the only ones who can make batteries but ordinary people like us, as well.
An Investigatory Project
Presented to the Faculty of HS Division
In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement
For English IV and Science and Technology IV

Kobe Adam Joshua S. Laurena
Yna Judy Ann N. Lim
Paula Mariella T. Ramos
Leira Kim R. Sandoval
Georbeth P. Sarmiento
Abbygail H. Tablate

March 2014

Step 1: Prepare all the materials needed.
Step 2:
Slit the calamansi
in the middle
Insert a copper coin into
the slitted calamansi then,
insert the galvanized screw
on the top part of the calamansi.
Step 3:
Use the alligator wire
to connect the copper
wire and galvanized
Step 4:
Step 5:
Put it in a series.
Step 6:
Connect the last black and red alligator wires to the Led light.

The researchers therefore conclude that the calamansi battery was a success. Throughout the period of the study and after the experiment, the calamansi battery was effective and was fulfilled with fruition. That time was when we connected the wires that were connected to the ten centavo coins and the galvanized screws inside the calamansi to the led light. The said experiment proved that it was effective.

The researchers hope to promote the product because it can be useful most especially to those who conserve their energy. It is new and successful experiment that can attract many people most especially to those who loves experiment.
The researchers want to spread the idea that simple and natural things can give us something new and great. The researchers also gives us idea that we can also save money, because Calamansi is a tropical fruit and we can find it anywhere. It is very affordable and effortless to use. Also, the researchers hope to help the vendors of this Calamansi fruit. They aimed to help not just ourselves but also other people.
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