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Modern Family

No description

Chantale Pouliot

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of Modern Family

Family Tree Modern Family Jay Pritchett Gloria Delgado-Pritchett Luke Dunphy Alex Dunphy Haley Dunphy Phil Dunphy Claire Dunphy Mitchell Pritchett Cameron Tucker Lily Tucker-Pritchett Manny Delgado PLOT "Three different, but related, families and the trials they face in each of their own uniquely comedic way."
-IMDB Fulgencio "Joe" Pritchett Jay is the head of the family and is married to a much younger woman, Gloria, who has a son of her own, Manny. She later gave birth to to there first child together, a son named Fulgencio. Jay already has two grown kids, Mitchell and Claire, from a previous marriage, and have families of their own. He is still not used to the to the idea that Mitchell is dating another man. Gloria is a sassy, fun-loving Colombian, who is married to her much older and richer husband, Jay. She is often mistaken for his daughter. She is said to be a gold-digger, but turns out, she loves him very much. Gloria is Manny's mother, who was 11 years old at the beginning o the series. She later gave birth to her second son, Fulgencio with Jay as the father. He is very outgoing, intelligent, and mature. he inherited his mother's passion for life, although he is scared of butterflies. He is also passionate just like his father. This causes him to be very romantic. Manny is Gloria's child from her first marriage. He is Jay's step-son. He is now considered Uncle to Claire and Phil's kids. Claire is Jay's daughter and Mitchell's older sister. She is married to her husband, Phil and has three kids: Haley, Alex and Luke. Her step-brother is Manny and her step-mother is Gloria, who is younger than she is... Claire is a very competitive person. She freaks out easily and gets angry. she is also stict about a clean house. she loves to read and enjoys running. Phil is Claire's husband of 20 years. He also has three kids: Haley, Alex and Luke. Phil is a real estate agent, who is confident of his work. He thinks he's 'cool dad' and tries to find ways to bond with his kids. He can have an attitude and is very competitive. He has Coulrophobia, which is the fear of clowns. He also seems to love home repair, yet, he barely does any. Haley is Claire and Phil's oldest child. She has a younger sister, Alex, and a younger brother, Luke. Haley focuses more on her social status than studies. she is embarrassed by Phil because he tries to become friends with her boyfriend, Dylan. She is worried about her popularity at school. She can drive and talk on her phone or text whoever she wants, whenever she wants. Alex is Claire and Phil's second child. She has an older sister, Haley, and a younger brother, Luke. Alex is the smartest Dunphy child and cares more about her studies than her social life, friends and boys. She enjoys messing around with siblings when they are rude to her, which is often. She makes them believe uprealistic things. She is also an overachiever, plays the cello and practices lacrosse. Luke is Claire and Phil's third and youngest child and only boy. He has two older sisters, Haley and Alex. Sometimes, Luke can be a troublemaker, not knowing his punishments for his actions. He is very playful. A psychologist who evaluated his said that his type of behavior is normal for someone with above-average intelligence. Claire and Phil found it impressing the way he found himself home and said he would do just fine. He is also often seen playing a Nintendo DS or Nintendo 3DS. Joe is Jay and Gloria's baby boy and first child together. Its funny how he shares a birthday with Manny. The name "Fulgencio" is in rememberance of Gloria's father. Its also the name that her mother gave him. Jay keeps saying that he will never be called "Fulgencio" as its hard to say and is referred by everyone as Joe, except for Gloria. Mitchell is Jay's son and Claire's younger brother. He is one of Lily's fathers and Cameron's partner of eight years. He is also Haley's, Alex's and Luke's uncle. Mitchell is a lawyer. He is the exact opposite of Cameron most of the time, which can cause disagreements. He loves Costco. Mitchell and Claire are competitive. His father isn't comfortable with Jay having a partner, which makes him a momma's boy. He is an overprotective father. He loved musical theater and ice sating as a child. Cameron is Mitchell's partner and one of Lily's fathers and is a stay-at-home dad to her. He has a very big dramatic personality. He and Mitchell have opposite characteristic traits. He is very big sports fan, which he and Jay bond over. He enjoys collecting fountain pens, flower arrangements, filming home movies and being a trained clown named Fizbo. Lily is Mitchell and Cameron's adopted vietnamese daughter. She does activities with both of her fathers, but stays at home with Cameron when Mitchell is gone to work. Cameron often dresses her up like famous people, like Madonna and Stevie Wonder for pictures. Season 1: Mitchell and Cameron adopt Lily. Jay recently got married to Gloria. Claire and Phil judge Haley's boyfriend, Dylan, and see if he is allowed to bring her to a concert. Gloria surprises Jay with a trip to Hawaii for his birthday, but isn’t happy when it becomes a trip for the whole family. Claire wants to take a new family picture, but everyone is too busy. Season 2: Mitchell and Cameron try to get Lily in one of the best pre-schools. Mitchell and Cameron also try to figure out who is Lily’s guardian, if something happens to them. Cameron gets upset that everybody, even Mitchell, sees him as the ‘wife’ in the relationship. Jay decided to get a dog (Stella), who is, now, a part of his life. Alex is the Valedictorian of her middle school graduating class. Season 3: Haley has a tough time writing her college admission essay. Phil suggests that the family celebrate “Express Christmas” on December 16th, when they won’t be spending Christmas Day together. Lily is going to be a flower girl for the first time, but is mad when she discovers that it’s not that important. Jay is worried about Stella’s recent strange behavior and blames Gloria for this. Alex goes to her first Prom. Season 4: Gloria has a tough time breaking the news that she's pregnant to Jay. Lily starts kindergarten and Haley starts College. Jay plans to bring the whole family to spend New Years in Palm Springs. Cameron is jealous of Lily's bond with Mitchell. Jay an Gloria's son, Fulgencio (Joe) is born. How many nominations and awards did Modern Family have? Modern Family was nominated for 170ish awards, but only won about 50 of them.
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