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Laws Regulating Travel and Tour Services

No description

Kizzarne Ramos

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of Laws Regulating Travel and Tour Services

Laws Regulating Travel and Tour Services
Who may Apply for Accreditation?
a. A Resident Filipino Citizen
b. A partnership organized under the laws of the Philippines
c. Corporations organized under the laws of the Philippines
Supporting Documents to be submitted with the Applications:
a. Single Proprietorship, Partnership or Corporation
b. Complete list of Executive officers and Employees, Tour guide and Travel Representative
c. Alien Officers and Employees
d. Contract of Lease
e. Mayor's Permit
f. Latest income tax return
g. Annual performance report on the Sales Production
h. Documents that the Department require
IATA accredits two distinctive type of Travel Agencies:

1. Airline Appointed Agency
2. Travel Sales Intermediary Agency

Prepared by:
Kizzarne Louise Ramos
Nature and Description of the Business
Responsibilities of Business Entities Engaged in Travel and Tour Services
Additional Requirements for Tour Operator using a Motor Vehicle

Minimum Office Requirements
1. Tour Operator
2. Tour Guide
Accreditation of Travel Agencies and Tour Operators
Accreditation of Tour Guides
Accreditation under the International Air Transport Association (IATA)
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