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madison gibson

i love gabby amber sarbaugh <3

Mrs Feeney

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of madison gibson

Stocks Madison Gibson
period:4 Coca-Cola Pac Sun I picked this company because my step dad worked for Coca-Cola and i like there drinks. I picked Pac Sun as one of my companys because i like there line of clothing. Coal-Coal was first green not red. Repersenting brands are associated with surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding. sells its own private lable merchandise. makes special drinks for places around the world. makes over 3,000 types of beverages, and makes beverages for over 200 countries overrall Pac Sun was very moody, it sometimes was very high , and then it would be very low throughout the whole project.
Coca Cola was very low the whole time besides at the beginning when it was high, it went up and down sometimes but most styed below the line. Befor you invest in a stock you should look at other stcoks to make sure you are investing in the right stcok that will get you money. i liked that this project taught me how to invest in stocks. And it taught me about the stock market. If i could change one thing about this project I would check the stocks more offten. My profit and loss for Pac Sun is it goes up and down a lot.
My profit for Coca-Cola was up and down at the start then it got more steady.
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