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The Songhai Empire

No description

R Ausherman

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of The Songhai Empire

The Songhai Empire
What were the people like?
The people of the Songhai had a clan system, and whatever clan they were in determined their job. The city of Timbuktu became a thriving cultural center. People from all different parts of the world came for the trade, and there was an Islamic university present in the city as well.
What religion were they?
The Songhai people were Islamic. Their religion was extremely important to them, and it brought the people closer together. The beliefs and practices were the same as all other Islamic countries, they believed in one god, Allah, and they believe the truth was given to them by the prophet Muhammad.
Who founded the Empire?
The Empire was founded when the Songhai people decided to break away from the Mali. They became independent during the collapse of the Mali kingdom due to quarrels over the throne. Sonni Ali lead the Songhai people and conquered much of the Mali terrotority.
Where was it located?
The Songhai Empire was located in Western Africa, where it grew to become the largest Empire in African history. The Songhai were settled on both sides of the Niger River.
By Hannah and Other Hannah
Songhai Flag
What happened to the Empire
Greatest Achievements
The Songhai's greatest achievements were probably their schools. There were 180 schools just in Timbuktu. They became well known for their teachings on rhetoric, logic, Islamic law, grammar, astronomy, history and geography.
The Songhai Empire lasted from 1340 to 1591 and they have came to figure up that the Songhai Empire lasted for 251 years. The Songhai empire does still exist today and the islam religion is sometimes practice. They pray about 7 seven times a day and is still practiced today. As you can see the Songhai Empire did not collapsed.
Have they influenced global culture?
The Songhai empire did not affect global culture that much, but they were mainly Islamic, and the Islam religion influenced much of their culture. Seeing how Islam is still a prominent religion and world influence today, that is how the Songhai tie in with our global culture today.
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