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Connecting the ideas through your hand

Aditya Januarsa

on 8 February 2011

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Transcript of PreziPad

FUTURE Prezi = + iPad write, arrange, zoom pour the ideas into words, arrange it, then amazed the audience Anytime, Anywhere, Whenever Imagined, if we can capture live photos/pictures then put it into prezi at the same time, on our iPad. it means that we can share our ideas without any limitations, through time and space. YES!
No Time,
No Space
Limitations. it would be great, if we were able to edit our prezis on iPad. Prezi.com then go to the iPad and
login to your prezi account through the app. Whenever you want to show or share the ideas, you just have to
sign up for an account at when we talk about prezi, then we'll say... Prezi on iPad is all about
how to show and share our brilliant ideas to others. Prezi + iPad = without glue & paper But of course, if we talk about prezi app on iPad, then (at least for now) we only can show or open our existing online prezis. (-) no editor features. Drag to pan &
Pinch to zoom in or out of topics to navigate freely inside your prezi. maybe,
we could also make a prezi, that has been made by several people at the same time, like a conference mode. OR, insert some streaming music/audio into our prezi. of presentation standards. "Connecting the ideas through your hands" Basically, Prezi on iPad is like... The
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