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Hustle & Flow

No description

Da'Marious Napier

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Hustle & Flow

Djay knew of his parents but they died when he was a young age. Djay then started to leave with his grandma. All djay has left is his fathers gold watch that he wear to keep hope for a better life .
By Da'Marious Napier
Djay is A Pimp/Drug dealer Trying to make it out ghettosome how, he's tired of living the way he does. He turns to rapping. But the fight and struggle make it hard for him to go after his dreams. But Djay will do what ever it takes to make it to the top
One of Djay'sold time friend who works in the church, helping djay to make it to the top. Key has a family of his own so he can't help djay financially . but he instructs djay on how to become abetter rapper.
Nola is one of djay workers, who would stick with djay through whateve. she's tired of doing what she's doing with her life so she supports djay through it all . but her strength is slowly running out
Shug is another one of djay workers , but she had gotten pregnant, so allshecan do is hope that Djay makes it out.
Shelby is one of keys friends from church who plays the key board. Shelby makes djay instrumentals . he already is set , he is just there to help Djay make it to the top .
Djay always knew he could rap, so that wasn't the discovery. The discovery was actually a realization . Djay realize that his life was going nowhere. he then begin to actually being to go after his dreams, but he didnt know if where to start.
Set out
he He then reconnected with his old time friend key to help him make it. Key then got djay and shelby together and with shelby on their side no one could stop them , but one problem, No studio. They then built their own studio in djay small bed room . djay also needs a female singer for one of his songs. so he takes shug and hss her sing .
they go through many trails just for a dream.
Djay has no one to actually look at him and sign him. Djay old time friend "Skinny Black" Became a rapper, but he forgot all about poor djay. Djay gives him his demo but skinny black throws it in the toilet. Djay also cant afford all the things he need to become a rapper so he has nola do things do get what he needs. nola gets tired and almost leaves his side. but he tell her he appricates her and she stays
Final encounter
After djay finds his demo in the toilet he neats up skinny black snd then goes to jail, he feel all his hard work is gone too waste and he will never make it . But.............................
At the end, Nola becomes his manager, and get his music played on the radio, which is how he becomes a big time rapper, in jail. So when he gets out he'll have a record deal .
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