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vision project

No description

Manmeet Khun Khun

on 5 December 2010

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Transcript of vision project

respect friendship trust honesty love security ..in 10 years a lot can change, so i have no idea where i will be,

BUT, I want to...

live in the lower mainland ( vancouver) because i have always stayed close to my family, and moving away or apart from them.. is just a big fat NO!

-have a good job that i will enjoy
-hopefully be married
-want to be making at least $50,000-80,000/year.

I also would like to...
own a house

as well as own a lexus .. which has been my dream car for ages! :) in order, to become a police officer, i am going to try and achieve a degree in psychology as well as a minor in criminology, then apply into the vancouver police department. Once I become a police officer, after about 5 years of experience i would like to advance to become probation officer or a crime scene investigator. I want to become a police officer because I have a passion for policing and really want to accomplish my goal and see myself as a cop in the near future. l)
who am I?! My learning style? I am a visual learner.in which case I learn best by working with colors, highlighting my notes and just being very colorful. My multiple intelligence was that I am an interpersonal and being an interpersonal i can understand myself better, focus inward on feelings/dreams as well as pursuing interests and goals.
my learning style is ISFJ, and I agree with that, because I have always been a quiet person, and tried opening up but it didn’t go so well. but being described as an ISFJ i think
thats totally me! and in order to know who i am, you just need to know me..
:) so where will I be 10 years from now?? California.. ummm.... the states? possibly... maybe living on an island.. i dont know.. there is a lot that i value, and I can go on forever but most importantly...i value.. family I love and respect my family for always being their for me, and showing me the way .., my best friend, for always hearing me out, and helping me threw everything, today i dont know where i would be without you.. and basically anyone who has been their for me, and impacted my life in a positive way..
their are many people that come and go, but the ones that are meant to stay will stay forever! entering college.. i thought, this was a DRAMATIC change..
but as i settled into my classes, got to know my professors, everything didn't seem so bad apart from the midterms, and papers. Their is a lot i learnt in this class, especially how to write a paper, because the most i new before entering this class, was how to write an essay at most 4 pages.

so.. what do i want? to sum everything up..
within the next 10 years..i want to ..
-become a police officer
-stay close to the ones i love and respect
-be fit
-positive attitude..
-maybe a boyfriend who i can rule upon.. lol just kidding..;p
-and live a healthy life.. It is possible to fail in many ways...while to succeed is possible only in one way.
- Aristotle

Thank-You for listening! :)
Manmeet Khunkhun so what do i want to become?
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