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Copy of Investigation Wall (template source) by Steve Wishman

No description

Abby Terry

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Investigation Wall (template source) by Steve Wishman

Mental Illness
How many are affected?
How many Americans are affected?

How many are affected world wide?

How many adults/children/teens are affected?

How many men and women are affected?
Who is affected?


Are certain racial/ethnic groups affected more?

Are certain socioeconomic groups affected more?

Are people with certain lifestyle habits affected more?
Catherine Zeta Jones
Find celebrities/athletes who have self-disclosed their diagnosis
Megan Fox

Jim Carrey
Write the common symptoms associated with the mental illness you are researching.
Change the picture above. It may or may not be appropriate to have a caption.
Video Link
Include a link to a video of someone talking about their life with mental illness. This does not have to be a celebrity. Use the "Insert" button at the top of the screen and select "YouTube video"
Video Link
Choose a second interview of someone who is living with mental illness that provides a different perspective, or find a video of a doctor, or advocate educating others about this mental illness. Use the "Insert" button at the top of the screen and select "YouTube video"
What treatment(s) are recommended and or are effective for this mental illness?

How long might this treatment last?

Is there a cure?
When are people affected?
Is there a certain age when this mental illness is prevalent?

Is there an age when onset is common?

Is there a certain event that can trigger symptoms to manifest?
Personal Experiences
Using interviews from the celebrities above, share some of their experiences of living with their mental illness.
Summarize what you learned...

Customize your layout, theme, text, background images, music, etc.

Answer the questions asked, but make it sound like you are telling a story, in your own voice, not answering questions.

If you find information beyond what is asked, share it! This is a template, but you are welcome to expand!
Use citation machine to include your sources. Make sure that you are using the exact webpage, not the homepage for the site. Remember, you used Google to find your information, it is not a source.
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