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Weather/Emotions - Great Gatsby

IA Presentation

Kelley Francois

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Weather/Emotions - Great Gatsby

Background Emergence from a Storm The Hottest Day of the Year Rain and Tea Just Don't Mix Weather symbolism
in the Great Gatsby "Weather" or not it Matters * Tension * Gatsby's life revealed * Weather pattern and the connections Brief Meanings By: Kelley Francois The weather in The Great Gatsby unfailingly matches the emotional and narrative tone of the story. Correlates with the characters feelings. The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald It all adds to the scenes making everything around contribute to the moment and inner feelings of the characters. Element of weather is first introduced. (Rain) Weather is used as a metaphor to help portray the overall theme of the novel. Gatsby & Nicks conversation Summer Dreams into Autumn Breeze Conclusion of weather in the novel Overview Tea with Daisy Nervous Gatsby Awakened Love In comes the Rain... Chapter 5 * Rainstorm begins Page 83 * Nervousness and then awkwardness Page 84 Page 86 Page 88 Drizzling on * Weathers emphasis * Time passes when Nick is away Pages 88-89 * Weather shift * Dan Cody * Storms representation of a great change Chapter 6 Page 98 Chapter 7 1. The heat to the mood of the story is made 2. The link between the summer and Gatsby’s hope for attaining Daisy as his love. - Gatsby confronts Tom about his love with Daisy - Gatsby’s relationship happens to peak on the hottest day of the summer. Their love is at the greatest and in turn Gatsby’s hope is the highest it has been all summer. Page 114 * Weather from the previous chapter to this one dramatically shifts from summer to autumn Chapter 8 - Gatsby’s hope of love with Daisy also shifts downhill in this chapter * Representations - Autumn season - Gatsby’s swimming pool Page 161 * Throughout the novel, weather is used in many ways but it is primarily used to set the mood of the story. The storms and sunny periods set the atmosphere of the story and help to unveil the plot. On the other hand, some weather was used symbolically in the story; summer represented Gatsby’s hope, etc. Rainstorm (Ch. 5 & 6)- tension or great change

Sun (Ch. 5)- betterment of relationships

Heat (Ch. 7)- tensions between people

Summer (Ch. 7 & 8)- Gatsby's dreams for Daisy

Autumn (Ch. 8)- the death of Gatsby's dream The End
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