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Hardware/Software Vocabulary

No description

Noah Haney

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Hardware/Software Vocabulary

Application Software
all the computer software that causes a computer to perform useful tasks beyond the running of the computer itself

Central Processor Unit; the brain of the computer

File Management
a computer program that allows a user to work with file systems
File Type- specific kind of file
Input Device
a device that can be used to insert data into a computer or other computational device
gain access to a computer system
Output Device
device that allows us to view data
Hardware/Software Vocabulary
chip that stores data

Operating System
software that supports a computer’s basic functions
additional hardware
to copy data from a temporary home to a more permanent storage medium

Save As
save what is being worked on as a new file
Storage Device
external hardware that lets us store and retrieve data
System Software
computer software designed to operate and control the computer hardware and to provide a platform for running application software
System Unit
case that contains everything the computer needs
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