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Data Management Project

Travel; by Paige Durand and Falyn McLaughlin

Falyn McLaughlin

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Data Management Project

Ottawa Travel and Tourism
By: Paige Durand & Falyn McLaughlin 2010 Automobile Plane Departure: How are we getting there? What do you want to travel for? Pleasure
Vacation? Visiting Friends or Family? What time of the year? We can also travel for.. Conference/ Convention

Other Business (non- routine)

Shopping (non- routine) 2010 Where do most Canadians visit? Finland Hei
Näkemiin Aruba Hallo
Afscheid New York Sup?
Peace Florida ¡hola
despedida Arctic Circle How have the numbers of Canadian travellers changed for season/ quarter (winter, spring, summer, fall), gender, age, mode of transportation, most visited countries and business vs. pleasure between the years 2006-2012? Thesis spring? summer? winter? fall? Summer (Third Quarter) Winter (First Quarter) 2010 How old are you? 18? 22? 29? 34? 38? 43? 51? 57? 62? 75? 84? 49? 92? 12? Articles "Why do People Travel?" - EzineArticles "Canada: 10 amazing adventures - travel tips and articles" - Lonely Planet "Travel Safety for Canadians."
- Susan Munroe Australia G'day! Afghanistan Salaam 'alekum Russia Privet Are you a... boy? girl? Alaska hello, hello 2010 End of our trip! hypothesis' final conclusions reflections
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