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Examples of Violence and Compassion

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Elaine Walters

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of Examples of Violence and Compassion

Elaine Walters Kathleen Dao
Jackson Raines Brady Tarver
Christina Nguyen Ryann Reed
Walker Wilkinson Tia Rogers
Micah San Miguel Plante, Jakob
Ailene Zebraski Keely Bryan
Dylan Dinh Tyler Wilborn

Examples of Violence and Compassion
An example of compassion would be a boy scout helping a senior citizen across the street.
An example of violence in the world would be 9/11.
A small example of compassion in today's society would be something like the Peace Corps.

An example of violence would
be the Columbine Shooting which
occurred during April 20,1999.

An example of violence in today's society would be something like the gunning down of the Martin student not that long ago.

An Example of Compassion
An Example of Violence
An example of compassion would be Martin Luther King Jr. who led peaceful protests for people's rights.

The bombing in Boston, Massachusetts on April 15, 2013
A woman giving food to a homeless person
Super hero Micah
Super hero Micah would be an example of compassion. Super hero Micah focuses on a young boy with cancer. They do fundraisers and much more to try and help this young boy beat cancer. This boy is also the sibling of one of our peers.
Bullying is a very prominent act of violence in our society today; especially to the kids and teenagers. Bullying is a very serious matter that can cause lots of harm and violence. It makes people insecure can cause fights and can be the cause of self harm.

Lead Singer of Black Veil Brides, Andy Biersack gave a fan an award he won at the APMA Awards this is an example of compassion in our society.
Violence in society
In Africa there is a monument where a man was killed because he was a protester. The monument is a bunch of 50 steel poles that have bulges or thin spots in what seem to be random spots. However, at a certain viewing angle the poles form an image of his face.
An example of compassion in our society
Compassion - Stand up for people who get bullied is, in my opinion, a great act of compassion for any kid, preteen, and teen. More people should stand up against bullying.
In Egypt there is a city where most every resident is a christian. Their self appointed "job" is to go to other cities and towns and pick up their garbage. They get payed very little at best and usually don't get payed at all. They don't even seem to care what kinds of disease being in close contact with the garbage can give them. This city has been official dubbed The City of Garbage.
Compassion -
People in society like Rachel's challenge, who encourage being kind to everyone, is an example of compassion in society.
Veronika Scott gives the homeless coats and jobs to help change their lives and get them back on their feet
An example of compassion are students helping each other.
People in society like ISIS, an Islamic terrorist group, kill and intimidate people into converting to islam.
An example of violence is cyberbullying
After a soccer game between Maccabi
and Tel Aviv in Israel a n burst onto the field and attacked a player.
Rachel Joy Scott from Rachel's Challenge
An example of ISIS
sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.
Micah Ahern helping raise awareness of kid cancer.
[vahy-uh-luh ns]
rough or injurious physical force, action, or treatment:
an unjust or unwarranted exertion of force or power, as against rights or laws:
This is an example of men beating women physically which is violence in our society.
Pearl Harbor
Violence- I see emotional Abused as a act of violence, because it hurts people emotionally and mentally. it hurts a lot more then people realized. It brings people down and make them hide there true self. and it makes them feel like no mater what they'll never be good enough.
Adopting a Dog
Osama Bin Laden was a horrible person but somehow he was very respected because of what he did I am being pushed to think that violence has a greater say in our community.
Gandhi was a great man and also protested against the British so they would stop inhabiting India
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