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Fontbonne Enactus Spring 2015

Focus on empowering small businesses struggling in a failing city economy. Examines our work with Ferguson Burger Bar and More, as well as our plan for future projects in Ferguson, MO.

Holly Rogers

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of Fontbonne Enactus Spring 2015

Fontbonne University
Some cities economies decline, rather than grow, due to factors such as:
Lack of investment
Migration - Brain Drain
Poor education and health
Decrease in tax revenue
Political conflict
Income inequality
Our Platform
Local Economy
Small Business Owners
Struggling Cities
Ferguson Burger Bar and More
9120 W. Florissant Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63136
6800 Wydown Boulevard
Clayton, Missouri 63105

Small Campus
Less than 1,000 full-time undergraduates

About Us
Located minutes from Forest Park and downtown St. Louis
Our Enactus team has
Monrovia, Liberia
Monrovia, Liberia Population decline of -11% since 1990
Monrovia, Liberia Recently plagued by the Ebola virus, causing panic and quarantine.
Detroit, Michigan
Detroit, Michigan Population decline of -33% since 1990
Detroit, Michigan Due to the closing of automobile plants starting in 1980s.
...And a little closer to our home
Ferguson, Missouri
Look familiar?
Look familiar?
Look familiar?
Look familiar?
Ferguson, MO
Ferguson, MO
Ferguson, MO
Ferguson, MO
"America, Wake Up"
Charles Davis
Owner and Operator
Riots outside the Burger Bar and More after the grand jury announcement.
Charles opened the Burger Bar on Friday, August 8th 2014
Michael Brown was shot Saturday, August 9th 2014
The Ferguson Burger Bar and More is hardly a quarter mile down the road from the Quick Trip near the site where Michael Brown was shot.
Taken by our own Celeste Herrmann during one of our many visits to Ferguson.
Charles has struggled with loss of inventory due to power outages, loss of customers, and the poor image problems of his location in Ferguson.
come in
Connections for catering
Advertisements: cups with logo, bags with logo, business cards, punch cards
Word of mouth advertising
Facebook page
Use Charles' notoriety in the news
Business entrepreneur seminars
Teach metrics and inventory
Teach organization
Teach social media marketing
Outside lights
Fluorescent bulbs
Menu redesign
Update register
Punch cards- repeat purchases
Business Cards
Organizational tools
Build a Website
Fluorescent bulbs
Eliminate cable TV
Reusable cups
Apply changes that will attract more customers, generating higher profits
Accounting metrics
Benchmark with similar successful businesses
Survey data - remove poorly-selling products to cut down on waste and reduce product costs

Aaron Pavese

Morgan Roehrig
Executive Vice-President

Holly Rogers
Vice-President Treasurer

Celeste Herrmann
Vice-President of Marketing

See the boarded-up windows
See the graffiti and deteriorating buildings.
Military presence on civilian streets.
Making world news headlines.
Mike Brown Sr. at Ferguson Burger Bar and More
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