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Charmin Choices

By: Andrew, Robby, Derek and Everen. The Charmin Choices Problem Solvers! (T.C.C.P.S.)

Andrew N.

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Charmin Choices

Lately I have been buying toilet paper made from recycled paper at an environmental store, but last night we ran out, so I stopped at the local grocery store to pick up a roll. It has been a while since I shopped in the "bath tissue" aisle of the supermarket and I was unprepared for the number of choices available! I used to buy Charmin brand and I was surprised to discover that it is now possible to buy white Charmin in 8 different packages. I have listed the choices below. please help me decide which is the best choice, As I was overwhelmed! CHARMIN CHOICES 4-roll packages:

Ultra Charmin: 2-ply with 170 sheets per roll costs $1.29/pkg.

Ultra Charmin: 1-ply with 560 sheets per roll costs $2.49/pkg.

Ultra Charmin Double: 2-ply with 340 sheets per roll costs $2.49/pkg.

6-roll Packages:

Charmin: Free: 1-ply with 280 sheets per roll costs $1.98/pkg.

Charmin Plus: 1-ply with 170 sheets per roll costs $1.98/pkg.

Charmin Ultra: 1-ply with 170 sheets per roll costs $1.98/pkg.

9-Roll Packages:

Charmin Big Squeeze: 2-ply with 420 sheets per roll costs $4.59/pkg.

Charmin Ultra Big Squeeze: 2-ply with 260 sheets per roll costs $4.59/pkg. 4 4 roll packages:

1. 2-ply with 170 sheets = 8 rolls because its two layers.
170 x 8 = 1360 = $1.29/pkg

2. 1-ply with 560 sheets = 4 rolls.
560 x 4 = 2240 = $2.49/pkg.
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