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Aniya James

No description

Aniya James

on 7 October 2015

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Transcript of Aniya James

When she was born
Aniya Marie James was born May 31 2001 at good sam hospital by Amber Boyd who is her mother. Aniya is the baby out of three kids.
About Aniya Mother and Father?
Aniya mother is Amber Boyd she is 36 her birthday is January 6 1979. She is a single mother of three and the grandma of one. Aniya's father is 38 his birthday is October. He is a single father of 4 and the grandad for one.
About Aniya's Nieces
Aniya have two niece's Daniyah and Ariana. Daniyah is two mouths old and her mother is Saniyah and her father name is Tae. Ariana is only 4 weeks old and her mother is Shareese.
About Aniya step-Mother
Aniya Step-mother been in her life since she was born she was a fun, loving, caring, person. Her name is Missy she was the mother of Saniyah and Samarae. Missy and my Father was together for 15 years but then she die May 1st 2015. The way she die is that her heart stopped.
My goals is to
About Aniya
All About Aniya
Aniya is the baby out of three kids. Aniya older sister name is Shareese and her older brother name is Mikele. Aniya, Shareese, and Mikele do not have the same dad. But on Ainyas dad side Aniya have two older sister and one younger borther. There names are Saniyah, Nikele, and Samarae.
How many bothers and sisters dons Aniya have?
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