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TCS - Recruitment report

TCS Courier

Meeran Khan

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of TCS - Recruitment report

Vision Statement
Mission Statement
TCS will be recognized and respected as professional, innovative, profitable information, and knowledge based logistics/services enterprise. TCS embeds internet based technologies into its internal operating structures and as business solutions for customers; with customer, employee and shareholder interests at the core of its operations; demonstrating a clear concern for ethical conduct and good corporate citizenship; with the objective of growing into a regional and global player, with emphasis on the Middle East, Europe and North America.
To direct all our organizational efforts at building upon the existing organizational strengths and brand recognition to achieve enhanced levels of profitable growth in the core business, and diversify into new areas that complement and supplement the core business, with the diversification aimed at achieving excellence and industry leader status in the new areas. The TCS People will however be encouraged to be open to unconventional ideas and services and recognize new trends at very early stages.
Realizing the potentials of Supply Chain Management in Pakistan, TCS launched its Logistics Wing as a registered company in 2002 as TCS Logistics (Private) Limited.TCS Logistics has 3 divisions, namely (a) Overland Express, (b) W&D (Warehousing & Distribution), and (c) Fleet Solutions. TCS Logistics employs 898 professionals, working day and night to add value to your businesses.

Overland Express
Logistics Services
Domestic Express Services
TCS has emerged as the most trusted name for delivering a wide range of documents, packages, parcels and cargoes within Pakistan. Domestic Express Delivery Services include.

Sentiments Express
Same Day Express
Overnight Express
Red box
TCS has a strong presence not only in Pakistan but also in the UAE, UK and Canada. TCS offers international delivery services - International Documents and Parcel Express Delivery - to over 3,500 destinations across the world through its extended International Network.

International Rate Card
Freight Plus
Student Express
International Express Services
Info. Systems
IT &
Network &
Learning & Development
Recruitment & Selection
Organizational Development
HR System &
To make sure that Interns are not just facilitated for graduation but have substantial targets for internship
It is an internship program which takes place every summer where Interns are recruited according to department needs.
Based on a project which needs an intern at any time of the year
Through university placements

Participating in different job fairs

Through their career portal
Screening of CVs'
must be done with 6th semester
should not be a fresh MBA
filtration on age
filtration on GPA
elimination on the technical skills
Written Assesment
MCQ based Assesment
Basic motive is to check the theoretical skills of candidate
1st Interview
with HR department and line manager
looking for the fit of candidate with organization culture
Behavior of candidate in different situations

2nd Interview
By the department in which candidate is potential intern
purpose is to check candidate's theoretical knowledge

3rd Interview (optional)
With the department head
purpose is that department head to assess the potential of candidate in this field
Theoretical and opinionated questions are asked
Training and Evaluation
General Orientation
Department specific orientation
On the job
On the basis of objectives given
constant evaluation rather just once
end of the period evaluation
good job prospects for serious and hardworking interns
In need of a efficient HR department because of exponential growth in past 3 years
lack of succession planning
lack of promotions for recruitment (like no university drives
less rigorous internship process compared to other multinationals
Invest less in internship recruitment programs compared to job recruitment
Identifying Vacancy
There are two concepts of identifying vacancies. One is placement and replacement. Placement is when there is a need for an employee in a certain department and replacement is when an employee leaves the company and there is a requirement for another employee to perform the duties of the former employee. In the former case, the recruitment process might become a little comprehensive as the person is not aware of the company’s policies and culture.
Job Description
A Job Description is an outline of all the requirements that a job position demands from potential candidates.

TCS’s checklist for developing a Position/Job Description:
Be clear
Be specific
Mention all the required skills & duties
At TCS, a job opening is advertised in various ways with the number one being advertising its job opening through its job portal and career page. TCS does not use conventional newspaper advertising to advertise its job opening; it instead aims to go for selective advertising.
When it comes to digital advertising, TCS partners with rozee.pk and advertises its job openings at their website. Then rozee.pk is responsible for collecting responses and then communicating them to the respective company.
Applying at TCS
TCS collects all the job applications online. TCS doesn’t accept paper applications, therefore all the applicants must apply online using TCS’s job portal. There is a preset application form for every applicant in which all the initially necessary questions are covered which includes questions such as educational background, previous job experience, personal details etc. Even the CVs and cover letter are submitted by the applicants using the online job application form.
Pre-Selection Process
Selection Process
1st Interview
3rd Interview
2nd Interview
First Interview
The first interview is taken by the HR department where the candidate’s personality is analyzed. TCS believes that having a uniform corporate culture is no less than a compulsion and plays a major part in the progress of the firm. Therefore, the candidate must be having a certain kind of personality that can easy blend into the corporate culture that TCS has put in place. Other than cultural values, the HR department also tests the interviewee’s presentation and communication skills.
Second Interview
Once the HR department has approved the interviewee of having the ability to adjust into the company’s cultural environment and having commendable presentation and communication skills, the interview process moves to the second phase and the interviewee is then required to give a second interview to the department heads under whom he/she will be working once they have qualified for the job.
3rd Interview (Optional)
If the candidate is passed the second interview and all the requirements needed for the job, then a final one-on-one interview is conducted with the department head. This is a short interview and the purpose of this meeting is mainly to discuss the employment package that he/she will be getting and have an informal one-on-one conversation with the department head. This is last interview is the final step in the recruitment process and after this interview the applicant is finally selected for hiring and has to go through the probationary period.
Written Assessment
The selection process at TCS aims to put to test the candidates skills and capabilities that he/ she has mentioned in his/her CV. TCS runs assessment centers at its various office locations where they conduct written tests of the candidates. The content of these tests vary from job to job and allow TCS to test the candidate’s language skills, mathematics, general knowledge and IQ. Based on the result of this test, the application is taken forward for further review.
Technical Analysis
The candidates who were successful in their written assessment are further assessed on the following criteria:
Their technical skills are critically analyzed and small tests are carried out to test their technical know-how in the related area.
The candidates who pass these technically challenging tests go through group discussions where their capability to work in a team, their behavioral characteristics, their capability to listen to other’s point of views are assessed.
The candidates are also judged on the extra-curricular activities that they have previously participated in because according to TCS, these activities help develop problem solving skills and also help in shaping a well-rounded personality that is very much needed in the kind of corporate culture that they have in place.
TCS has placed certain filters in its job portal which allows the HR department to review only those applications which are not filtered by the online software and can be considered for further review.
For example, there is a certain GPA cut-off for every candidate who is applying for any job at TCS. Usually this cut-off is between
CGPA 2.8 – 3.0
, so all the received applications are initially filtered using this criterion.

These filters are much more comprehensive and allows TCS’s recruitment department to place custom filters according to the requirements of the job opening.
Once the applications are received and filtered for further review, the HR department begins shortlisting candidates on the basis of their CVs. The criterion for this shortlisting is usually provided by the respective department where this job opportunity exists.
The interviewee is given a random topic to present then and there. Through these exercises the candidate’s ability to speak on randomly given topics, giving on-spot presentations and use of general knowledge is put to test.
TCS believes that having commendable convincing and negotiation skills is necessary in today’s corporate environment especially if a person is applying job that requires such skills more frequently, for example a sales person. TCS has developed an in-house interview program that aims at testing these skills throughout the interview process.
This interview mainly aims at testing the interviewee’s theoretical and practical knowledge of the position that he/she is applying for. Possessing this kind of knowledge is necessary for the candidate if he/she wishes to excel at his/her job. TCS believes that having written assessment of technical knowledge is not enough to completely analyze a person’s ability to implement his/her practical and theoretical knowledge on job, therefore a more comprehensive interview is needed that is only aimed at testing whether the interviewee has the required knowledge that he/she will need on job.
Training & Probation Period
Training at TCS is carried out on daily basis. But the frequency of training exercises may vary depending on the nature of the job. For example, the sales team goes through regular training after every quarter whereas the IT team is trained only when there is a new system deployed in the firm.
Probabtion Period
This period usually lasts for six months and a performance evaluation is carried out after the end of this period. The department heads critically evaluate the targets and objectives achieved by the new employee, his/her way of working, on-job attitude, task execution etc. After this probation period, the new employee is made permanent.
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