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The History of Softball

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Kylie Gustafson

on 10 March 2014

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Transcript of The History of Softball

The History of Softball
Softball came about from a football game in 1887.
Going global.
Softball was not in Canada until WWII that American servicemen brought the sport into the international limelight.
When do you think softball was invented?
softball was invented in 1887, in Chicago, IL.
Who do you think invented softball?
George Hancock was the man considered the person who invented softball.
How did it come about from a football game?
In 1887, a group of twenty young men had gathered in farragut boat club gym in order to hear the Harvard-Yale game. After Yale's victory, a man picked up a boxing glove and threw it at someone, who hit it with a pole. George Hancock considered to be the inventor of softball, tying the boxing glove so that it resembled a ball.
Softball goes global.
The first known softball team outside of the United States was formed in Toronto, Canada in 1897
How did they come up with softball?
some people think softball came about from baseball...
If it wasn't from baseball what did it come about from?
On foreign fields, American soldiers played and taught the sport, igniting popularity at an international level.
World recognized.
In 1952, the International Softball Federation hosted its first meeting and would soon become the world’s governing body for softball. The sport had finally become world-recognized.
Women's first softball team
The first women’s team was formed in 1895 in Chicago’s West Division High School in the United States.

The name softball was first used by Walter Hakanson, a Denver YMCA official, in 1926
They used large, 17-inch softballs without gloves or catcher’s masks. The bases were sand bags set 27 feet apart while the pitching mound was only 22 feet away from home plate.
Softball's and gloves.
Olympic softball.
Softball became an official Olympic sport in 1996.
Gold metal
The USA national team took the first-ever Olympic gold medal after triumphing over China in a 3-2 game.

Competitive softball
They did not obtain a coach for competitive play until 1899 and it was difficult to create interest among fans.
Walter Hakanson
However, only five years later, more attention was given to the women's game.
Women's softball
•The first world softball championship was a women's tournament which was in held Melbourne, Australia, in 1965
First championship
•In 1982, softball became an officially sanctioned NCAA sport
There are two types of softball, slow pitch softball and fast pitch softball.
Slow Pitch
lob ball
hit plate = strike
no metal cleats
6 feet high
Fast Pitch
Both feet on the mound
45 feet from pitchers mound to home plate.
between chest and knees = strike

Softball today

The sport today is hardly comparable to what was played in the first Chicago games.
Softball equipment
Softball gloves and catcher’s gear are made of comparable quality to their baseball counterparts, and the cleats are lighter and faster.
Aluminum bats
Aluminum bats were first introduced in 1970 by bat manufacturer Worth.

In 1993, single-walled titanium softball bats were introduced.
Single-walled titanium bats
In 2000, composite bats made a major entrance into the market, and it wasn't long before composite softball bats were competing with the leading aluminum bats.
Today, there are various composite choices to choose from such as all-composite bats, bats with composite outer shells over aluminum barrels, bats with composite handles and aluminum barrels, and some all-composite double-wall bats.
As a youth sport, softball is generally played only by girls.
Youth softball
Little League Baseball, founded in 1939, extended its rules to create the Little League Softball program in 1994.
Today, Little League Softball is played by more than 366,000 players worldwide on more than 25,000 teams for a shot at the international Softball World Series tournaments.
Little league softball
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