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Medal of honor

No description

lib hist

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of Medal of honor

Brief History
The medal of honor is one of the most rarest and highest military awards.
Its was signed by law in 1861 by Abraham Lincoln. Only one woman has ever recieved the medal. It was originally intended for the navy.
Ty M. Carter

Mr. Ty M. Carterwas awarded this award by helpin his fellow duty members and fighting for a long period of time. He showed great courage and fearlessness.

Evan G

Daniel was one of the only 19 men to win the Medal of Honor twice. He single-handedly defended his position against repeated attacks and inflicted casualities of around 200 on the attacking Boxers Rebellion. he also got a second Medal of Honor 15 years later.

Victor C.
Henry Hogan
One of the few 19 people that got the Medal of Honor. On October 21, 1876 Hogan fought at the battle of Ceder Creek, in Montana Territory against Lakota warriors under a leadership of Native american Chief Sitting Bowl. For his actions he recievd his first medal of honor. Later on he won his second medal of honor

Victor C.
William K. Carpenter
Mr. William K. Carpenter was awarded medal due to his outstanding courage and selflessness. For example he and examplified outstanding courage, and bold fighting spirit in the face of death.

Evan G
Medal of honor
by: Evan and VICTOR


All four of these participants
showed great valor courage
and bravery in the face of death
and evil.
None of these men show differences because of their great fighting spirits and and there courage in the face of danger.

In conclusion all of these recipents showed great valor and courage in their battles.
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