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Copy of Unit 2: Sports Coaching

An Introduction

Alex Allen

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Unit 2: Sports Coaching

An Introduction
BTEC Level 3 - Sport
P1, 2, 3

M1, 2, 3

D1, 2
Assignment 1 - Roles, Responsibilities, skills and Techniques of a Sports Coach

Assignment 2 - Planning, Delivering and Reviewing a Sports Coaching Session
24th Sept: All Lesson Plans must be completed and handed in
Key Dates:
1st Oct: First week in schools
28th Sept: Risk Assessment completed and handed in
Learning Objectives:
Develop practices for reaction time and ABC
Consistently adapt practice using STTEP
Create relays to practice reaction time and ABC
Adapting Practice for MA and LA
S - Space
T - Time
T - Task
E - Equipment
P - People

In the first year you will complete 4 units
In your second year you will complete 3 units

All your work will be submitted in coursework form. These will vary in style and format, ranging from work booklets to presentations.

ALL work must be handed in on time to PASS the course.
how is my work graded?
At the beginning of each unit you will be given a front sheet. These are made to HELP you complete your assignments and get feedback on how it can be improved.

DO NOT loose these!!! They must be attached to your work every time you hand a piece of coursework in to be marked.
1) Arrive to lessons on time

2) Meet ALL deadlines - missing these will affect your final grade!

3) Come to lessons prepared with correct equipment
what units will I be completing this term?
UNIT 2 - Principles of Anatomy and Physiology in Sport

UNIT 3 - Assessing Risk in Sport

UNIT 5 - Sports Coaching
P4, 5, 6

M4, 5

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