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Tutti Frutti Prostart:Marketing Project

No description

Vanessa Gorgonia

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Tutti Frutti Prostart:Marketing Project

Tutti Frutti's NEWEST endeavor!
Tutti Frutti is launching a new addition to their already popular frozen yogurt store!
They are allowing customers to create their own custom-made frozen yogurt in a matter of a few minutes by using liquid nitrogen.
"Word of mouth " and use of social media promotions
Disposable incomes; tend to spend on immediate gratification items, especially products with prestigious or individuality value

Great way for bonding for approximately $15 versus $30-$40 for dinner or a movie

Tend to turn to indulgence foods for stress or celebration
Target Market
Baskin Robins
Cold Stone
Direct Competition
Direct Marketing: Facebook
Special Pricing: Coupons
Relationship Marketing: Stamp Cards
Market Strategy Proposals
Growth in the ice cream and frozen dessert industry

Significant move towards allowing customers to create own product combinations; product becomes more personal and tailored to specific tastes

Liquid nitrogen is so cold and freezes fast which creates a smoother consistency which is safe to eat, non-toxic,m odorless, tasteless, and 75% of the air we breathe

Stamp cards will create an increase of loyal customers by 100 within 2 weeks
Coupons will boost amount of customers by 50 heads per day by 1 month
Facebook page will increase visits to website and knowledge of new concept by 5,000 in 1 year
Young Adults (Ages 16-24)
Vanessa Gorgonia
ProStart 2
March 28, 2014
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