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Fair Trade Presentation

No description

Connie Wen

on 4 May 2013

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Transcript of Fair Trade Presentation

Fair Trade What does FAIR TRADE means? Workers and producers are paid fairly for their work
Humane working conditions
Equal opportunities to sell products
Environmentally sustainable production What does Fair Trade do? Where does chocolates come from?? a. Switzerland
b. China
c. Ghana
d. Canada
e. All of the above How to know if the product is fair traded or not?? Look for the logo Why does EWB care?? Benefits communities that EWB works in
Sustainable project (connects Canadians to people in Africa) Brought to you by EWB (Engineers Without Borders) What can you do to help? Buy Fair Trade certified products
Raise awareness
'Scare them Fair' this Halloween Video- Make Trade Fair Video- Fair Trade Coffee: How to buy fair trade coffee Video- 45,000 reasons to swap to fair trade chocolates Thank you for your attention and remember to support fair traded products :) What have you done if you buy fair traded products??
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