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Teens Succeed Project

No description

Priscilla Anand

on 20 January 2016

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Transcript of Teens Succeed Project

slide 3
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a cappella
The a cappella club is a group of students who gather every Tuesday in the music room, of their own accord, in their free time, to sing a cappella music. A cappella is the italian musial term for music without instruments - in other words, the music is entirely made by the human voice (and vocal percussion). A cappella club was formed this year by Rain Dimen and Caroline Espe, a high schooler and a middle schooler, and is advised by Ms. Manalo, the music teacher.

I chose to photograph the
a cappella
club for my "Teens Succeed" assignment, as I see what they're doing with their time as positive towards both themselves and the community.
This picture is of the three leaders meeting just before club starts. Rain and Caroline are both building leadership and organization skills.
Here, Rain is passing that day's music out to one of the club members.
The middle voices are getting into their group as they prepare to warm up.
Everyone begins to warm up - in three part harmony. This is never easy, as it requires intense focus and teamwork.
The students finish warming up, and move into their original places as Ms. Manalo tells them what they'll be doing.
Today, they'll start arranging a cover of Taylor Swift's "Love Story" to sing door-to-door around Valentines Day.
Three teens practice their part.
The low voices sing their part during a group practice.
Ms. Manalo adjusts the low voices parts, while they take notes on it.
The low voices practice their new part.
The high voices discuss their part.
Two teens listen as Ms. Manalo gives them a descant part.
The club gets ready to seranade the hallway.
The high voices get ready to sing.
Ms. Manalo conducts as the club performs.
For my project, I photographed the
a cappella
club in the school. This is an example of teens doing something positive with their time. Firstly, music itself has been scientifically proven to be beneficial to the brain. It increases memory, and helps with long life. It also helps both the logical and creative areas of the brain. In addition to this, being part of a musical group encourages teamwork, and communication skills, as well as leadership. Finally, this group uses its skills and th songs they learn to entertain those around them.

Teens Succeed
by Priscilla Anand
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