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NASA- hang gliding

gor science

charlotte irvin

on 24 May 2011

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Transcript of NASA- hang gliding

HANG GLIDING Q:Did the design, form, or function of this product change when it was adapted for use on Earth? How?

A:Francis Ragallo had to make a stable, more safe design.They had to change the airfoils to a delta V shape figuration, intended to make it cheaper,and more durable. They also made the wings more flexible.The function changed from it being a life saving device and escape mechanism, to using it for fun and a sport. Q:How is this product now used on Earth?

A:It's used for a sport and recreational purposes. It's also used for an adrenaline rush. Q:Was this product originally proposed for a mission? Which one?

A:Yes, it was originally proposed for a mission. It was developed for potential safety procedures, but they chose parachuting instead. Q:How was this product originally used in space?

A:The Moyes design is based in part on NASA technology developed as a once-considered alternative to parachutes for manned spacecraft post- orbital decent systems.They considered hang gliding because they thought that the the pilots of the mechanism should have more control instead of just parachuting into the ocean. Q:What other information do you have about this space spinoff?

A:Francis M. Rogallo was the person at NASA who most contributed to the invention of the hang glider. Bill Moyes is the owner of the 6th most popular hang gliding manufacturer; his business is called U.S MOYES which started in Australia. This company is no longer working. video The image on the left is the NASA hang glide and the one on the right is the adapted one. These designs are both light weight so the wind will be able to pick it up easier. You can see how they both kind of look like bird's flying! You can also see in the picture how different they are! interview 1.Q. Whats the difference between hangliding and para gliding? 1.A. Paragliding is more like a parachute. Hang gliding has wings and is more like a plane . 2. Q:Do you have to have a lot of wind when you hang glide? Will the hang glide go down if the wind stops blowing? 2.A: If you are really experianced, you can do it with more wind. For beginners it's easier if you just have a little head wind.You can not do it with a lot of wind.The hang glide will stay up without wind. 3.A: You have a control frame and you pull in to go faster. If you pull out, you go slower.The control (meaning how to turn it ) is like a pendulum, you turn one way and you will go the way you turn it. 4.Q.How heavy is a hang glide and how much weight can one of them hold? 4.A. It weighs from 20 - 80 pounds, but is very durable. It can hold up to 450 pounds. 5. Q:Is it something that takes time to learn or do you just explain to people how to do it, and let them go? 5.A.It takes about 6-10 days for somebody to learn how to do it. Enjoy!!! I interviewed Megan McConnell of Look Out Mountain Hang Gliding by Charlotte Irvin http://sharing.theflip.com/session/0ec0ec88ce49900d9cc5fc10d5ce2dd8/video/89980701 3.Q: How do you steer the hang glide?
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