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Venn Diagram

No description

Sally Won

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Venn Diagram

States of Matters
by Sally Won

Definite volume but not definite shape
The molecules (particles) are close together but not packed or very loose
It can change shape when it goes into different sized container
Water, Orange juice
It has definite shape and definite volume
The molecules (particles) are tightly packed together
Vibrate from being so close
Do not need to be in a container to get its shape or volume
Ice cube, Flowers, Tree, notebook, pencil
It doesn't have a definite shape or definite volume
The molecules (particles) in GAS move around randomly
It can change volume and shape if you put in a different container
Oxygen, Hydrogen, Carbon Dioxide
Kinetic Theory
Venn Diagram
Definite volume and shape
Not fluid
Particles are packed together
Definite volume but not definite shape
The particles are together but not packed or too loose
It doesn't have a definite shape
It doesn't have a definite volume
The particles moves around freely
Definite volume
They change when they are heated
They are made out of molecules
They all have energy
Site Sources (Easybib)
Video about Liquid, Solid & Gas
They are made out of particles
McGrough, Laura. Triple Venn. 2007. Photograph. N.p.
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They are constantly moving
Non- Newtonian Fluid
Non- Newtonian Fluid
when you give force to it, it is solid.
When you put less force to it then it is liquid.
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