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Welcome to Art!

No description

Sydney Sieviec

on 9 January 2015

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Transcript of Welcome to Art!

Welcome to Art!
is just

Be prepared: Bring your sketchbook or folder and a writing utensil.
Be polite: Don't talk while I'm trying to teach a lesson!
Be present: Have a passion for learning about art.
Be honest: If you don't 'get' a topic, ask for help!
Be kind: Treat ALL of your classmates nicely,
call or text without permission
listen to music with
Run or play rough
Misuse art materials
Do another classes' assignments without permission
Maintain your sketchbook and complete the assignments
Clean up at the end of every class
About Mrs. Sieviec
I love art, and I adore people, so I became an art teacher! I grew up in Carroll County and won many awards at the Art Show. Then, I earned a degree in Art Education from Radford University, and I was awarded their highest honor - the Outstanding Senior Award - when I graduated. I also "tied the knot" in Jamaica in January of 2013 with a sweet guy I met in high school. I love to create art, of course, but I also enjoy writing, reading, running, hiking, cooking, spending time with my family and friends, traveling, and snuggling with my cats, Ariana and Ava.
- Most people learn by DOING. Art class will involve exploring art mediums and techniques, and not being afraid to make mistakes.
(Effort on projects counts for 60%)

- Weekly SKETCHBOOK assignments will help us grow as artists who can work independently.
(Sketchbook assignments count for 10%)

- We will also have weekly PREZI presentations where we will watch and listen and take notes.
(Slot notes count for 10%)

- We'll test what you know every few weeks. These tests are always multiple-choice. No sweat.
(Tests are worth 20%)

- There will also be a final EXAM, to demonstrate what you've learned in the class.
(The final exam counts for 20% of your final grade in this class)

* I reserve the right to assign fitting consequences, including, but not limited to:
For INDIVIDUALS: 1. Distraction removed (Ex: Cell phone) for class period (1st offense) and entire day (2nd offense) 2. Discipline essay 3. Call to parents 4. Referral to office (For safety hazards, referrals will be immediate.)
For ENTIRE CLASS: 1. Bookwork
Fire =
1. Line up
2. Last one out turns off lights + shuts door
4. Right > Right > Downstairs > Outside
5. Everyone survives!
Lockdown =
1. Enter quietly and on time. ("Tardy" is anytime after the tardy bell rings.)
2. Gather your folder (7th and 6th) or sketchbook (8th).
3. Place backpacks, cinch sacks, and purses on the cabinet top.
4. Sit in your assigned seat. (7th and 6th)
5. Stay quiet until I have called roll.
Start on smART work (6th and 7th.)
Continue working on current project (8th)
6. Pay attention to the lesson.
7. Work on the assignment You may talk quietly,.
8. Clean up when I ask and push your chair in before you're dismissed.
10. Artwork goes on your shelves, (8th) in your folder (6th and 7th), or on the drying racks.

LEARNING + GRADING 7th and 6th
- Your effort on projects and classwork is extremely important. You've gotta be willing to follow instructions and try new things to be successful as an artist.
(Projects and classwork count for 60%)

- Every day, I'm going to pay attention to how you're participating. Participation points can be earned by being on time to class, having your pencil with you, and staying focused on your project.
(Participation points are worth 40%)
Raise your hand to speak
or ask for help
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