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Abigail Badu

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Teaching

According to Merriam Webster, a teacher is: one that teaches; especially : one whose occupation is to instruct.
Teaching: A Job for 30 but done by One.
Sorry, but you will never understand the job of a teacher unless you actually experience it yourself.
Senior Experience Day 1

   Today was a pretty great day. I was able to get familiar with the class and the students. Since I'm at Tucker, it makes things a lot easier for me since in know where most things are. Ms. Blitzer was very friendly and so were the other teachers. The students where inviting and they were well...children. They were curious about who I was and what I was and will be doing. I really liked the questions. Elementary school is so much better than high school! I got a feel of how the schedule was and I am still working on how I will be able to understand how certain students learn so then I can helpful them even more. I realized that the SmartBoard that Ms. Blitzer uses is pretty help for students that learn differently since all students learn differently. I believe that Tucker is the number one most succeeding school in all of ACPS and I feel as if I am starting to get a better understanding as to why that is. The teachers are reaching every little inch that try can to insure that the students succeed not just in academics but also in life. It's truly what a school should be. I am glad that I am getting my experience from such an amazing school and facility. This is so much better than sitting in a classroom studying with a text book.

Days 1 & 2
The Joy of Tiger Tickets and Family!
Day 3 & 4
Encouraging and continuously learning.
Presentations and...wait who said meal worms?
A.R. , Setting Boundaries, and the Struggle!
Reading is Fundamental
Drop the textbooks, this is learn a as you go.
Though T.C. Williams offers students the a 'Teacher of Tomorrow' class, which I took last school year, I still have to say, I am beyond glad to have been able to work with Mrs. Blitzer and her second grade class at Samuel W. Tucker Elementary School. They have taught me more than I could ever teach them.
This presentation will show you, the viewer(s) the amazing things that I've experienced. Though this may be an informative Prezi, nobody can ever understand the job and the amazing works of teachers unless they are at that place, that time with the students and the teachers.
SmartBoard, T.C. Senior, and Hello!
Talk about an exciting day! No matter how old you are, when you are introduced to a large group of children all at once, you will still feel nervous.
The greatest part with the class that I was privileged to work with is that they were just as interested in me as I was nervous, which was a lot!
I also learned that the SmartBoard is being used in elementary schools such as Tucker to keep the students engaged and give them a better understanding of what is being explained.
Today I learned that the students start their day of with quick morning work and reading.
Then they go to their ENCORE which is either Art, P.E. (physical education), Music, and Library. This changes everyday so the students don't just go to all the classes each day.
Afterward the students come back for history (this is called I.E. time). Math, lunch, and recess follows this afterward. Then the students have writer's workshop, reading, and dismissal.
Tiger Tickets are the greatest thing that educators have ever invented since recess of course.
Today I noticed that Katie, one of the students, was actually helping out her classmates without being asked, doing what is expected without being told even once so I just couldn't help but give her a tiger ticket. When a student doesn't even need to be told once that she or he must do something, that's when you know that that particular student is beyond exceptional.
Tiger Tickets are paper tickets that are given to students that exceed what a Terrific Tucker Tiger is supposed to do. This is a must for all schools, point blank.
Today the students also learned the fundamentals of baseball and all fielding sports by playing 'MatBall' which is a safe and exciting way for students. I believe that all the students did amazing because baseball is a difficult sport to understand even for adults.
Maryam's grandfather came by today and announced to us (the class) that Maryam has a second younger sister who was just born over the weekend. Everyone was glad that we got a chance to hear about how difficult it is for younger children to have new brothers and sisters when Maryam's grandfather read a book about new babies to the class.
Today we had presentations!
I've always loved doing projects over test however it's I've learned that it's even more interesting when you are the teacher.
There were some pretty amazing projects that the students worked on. Some were Gabriel, Beck, and Michelle's projects.
Speaking of Beck (one of the students), he brought in tadpoles for the class since we are learning about the cycles of living creatures. Now we have butterflies and frogs...or do we?
I was very proud of how the students responded to each others presentations because it really showed how caring and respectful their characters are.
We went to the science lab today - the students get to learn about science every Tuesday and Thursday with Mrs. Smith who is another second grade teacher - and we learned about the cycle of beetles. Mrs. Salzano, the science lab teacher, gave the class four groups of mea worms.
No matter how old you are, the purpose of being a teacher is to continue learning for the students and from others too. I learned that meal worms are the larva version of beetles.
We also had to release our butterflies today so despite the heatwave, we freed our insects but got a chance to go bird watching when Bryan, one of the students, spotted a bluejay.
So like I said, I will now explain what Accelerated Reading/ Reader means.
Reading is something that Samuel W. Tucker takes to heart and is phenomenal at.
A.R. is a program that many schools including Tucker uses to drive students to exceed in their reading skills. Students pick books in the Library. Through reading and understanding of the literature, the students can take quizzes that they can earn points which will help them meet their goals.
I learned a lot about the profession too.
I have been able to grade the works of the students to understand what each child comprehends and what needs to be explained farther. After I graded each students work, I began to get a better understand on who is getting which subjects and who learns by either auditory, kinetics, or visual teaching. The SmartBoard, the teacher speaking, and the activities cover almost all the different forms of learning which is wonderful for both the students and the teacher.
Throughout this week I also came to realize that teachers council a lot and the most important part is that they council the youngest group of people on earth, the children. Thank you Mrs. Blitzer because without her, I wouldn't be able to solve some of the drama that I faced.
I can not stretch how much teaching, educating period, is a profession that can not be taught by textbooks but only by field experiences.
Here are some key things that I would also like to add:
At times when a teacher first meets a student, it's both diffculy for the educator and the student because the person needs to feel comfortable enough and trust their teacher. The teacher has to deal with this comfort thing and also understand the best way to educate their students - key word 'students' not student - so that they may be able to absolutely understand everything that need to be covered.
I believe that understanding how each child learns and how you as a teach can better assist them in their learning is one of the trickiest and most difficult aspects of education. Each child learns differently and a teachers job is beyond educating students on certain things. A teacher is a guid for their students both academically and personally. They do the job that requires at least 30 people by themselves and for lower than what they get paid!
The copier, printer, whatever you call it, that needs to be your best firend or else it's over :(
Above all, to be a teacher, especially an elementary school teacher, you MUST LOVE CHILDREN!
Audrey Smiling :D
The class that is always hard at work. Greatest 2nd Grade Class Ever!
Katie brought me flowers. She's a sweetheart :)
Katia and Mary Ashley smiling for a picture :D
These boys are building their towers and forts :) (Erick, Jacob, and Christian)
Best Bros for Life! (Bryan and Gabriel)
GO DESPEREAUX!! Oh wait...we have to be quiet.
Don't mess with Gianna when she's reading!
This guy's trying to figure out what the next clue is. (Bryan)
Now these are some of the most fiercest Tucker Tigers ever, especially when it comes to reading! (top to bottom: Bryan, Mary Ashley, Trinity, Maryam, Zaid, and Charolette)
Jacob and Katie love reading Captain Underpants and The Magic Tree House Series.
This book is funny by the way. Jacob has great taste in books.
I want to know that you're reading Audrey.
Meal worm habits and straggling butterflies, oh my!
I had to be brave at first but the meal worms tickle a lot! They also very delicate.
These butterflies are just handing around for some energy so they can be strong enough once they're released.
Gabriel's adobe house and Michelle's tepee home.
Beck's adobe home
Learning with SmartBaord abut measurements.
At the end of the day, the children always so their love!
Cupcakes! Gianna knows Miss. Abigail very well.
Once a Tiger, always a Tiger!
Mrs. Blitzer's teaching!
Grading Time :)
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