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The exploration of the theme Entrapment in the novel Room written by Emma Donoghue.

lindsay kruitwagen

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Room

Entrapment Room Entrapment Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time The Light People Magazine Lost and Found: The True Story of Jaycee Lee Dugard and the Abduction that Shocked the World The Island Conclusion “And if she was a teacher at school, I could have said ‘Where is 451c Chapter Road, Willesden, London NW2 5NG?’ but she was a stranger” It irritates me
Holds me as a prisoner
Hungering to be free

It remains constant for an occasional flicker
An orb with no conscience
Making life bitter
Every day the same
An hour of relief
Free from its glare
Still all I can do is walk and stare

I'll be here for life
Never really accepting my plight
My only consolation
It will eventually burn out
I'll not say a word
Too tired to weep
Finally, I will sleep

By Mac McGovern “At the front he had planted shrubbery, trees, and built an eight-foot fence to conceal the rear half from his neighbors. This he had transformed into a kind of concentration camp, installing an escape-proof shed.” ( Glatt, 2) Catherine Zeta-Jones Wants to Remove Stigma from Bipolar Diagnosis Through these five lenses the theme has been reinforced and grown immensely. However I also think that I’ve learned a lot about my theme in the outside world. I had never known that so many people had been suffered through entrapment. Through the lens of my selected text I really learned about entrapment in the terms of literal imprisonment, however through more research I learned that many different people suffer from entrapment in many different ways. This theme is an important part of this novel. Not only through the literal entrapment of Ma and Jack, but also through the metal entrapment that Ma and Jack face when they finally leave and escape room. I think that entrapment is seen more when Ma and Jack are out of Room in the real world rather than when they are inside it. Ma for example is trapped in her mind, trapped by her depression. Old Nick seemed to have trapped Ma even when he is in jail, and she is free. While Jack is still trapped, he is trapped by his own fear and confusion. Having lived in Room his whole life, Jack doesn’t understand the way that thing are in the world. Ma also seems to be trapped by the existence of Jack. Ma just wants to forget about what happened to her in room, however, whenever she sees Jack she is reminded of all her times with Old Nick and all of her time in Room. Throughout the novel she often states how Jack freed her, both literally and metaphorically. Nevertheless once Ma and Jack are free Ma is trapped by Jack’s naivety and misunderstanding. With entrapment comes another theme of the novel which is freedom. As time goes on Ma is starting to free herself from her depression, and Jack is also learning about Outside and is gradually freeing himself from his fear. Analysis Christopher in Mark Haddon’s novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime suffers from Asperger’s syndrome. The severity of Christopher’s Asperger’s entraps him mentally and socially. Though Christopher is a very bright individual, he is unable to communicate with strangers and even with the people who he is close to on a socially acceptable level. This in its self is entrapping. Especially for the people around Christopher, because there are so many things that could possible trigger him to have an episode. During the excerpt from the novel, Christopher is on the train on his way to his mother’s home. However due to him being socially and mentally trapped by his Asperger’s he is unable to talk to strangers just to ask them for directions. This entraps him physically as well because now he is stuck on the train, unsure of where to go, and unsure of what to do next. This relates to Room by Emma Donoghue because Ma and Jack are also mentally trapped with no way out, and are relying to other people to help them. Analysis The poem “The Light” by Mac McGovern is a really good example of the theme entrapment. “The Light” really talks about being a prisoner, and there being no freedom. This really is on par with the feelings of Ma, in Room. I think that the imagery in this poem is really descriptive in matches the imagery of Room. I think this because Ma and Jack are prisoners of Old Nick. I n the poem it states “I'll not say a word/Too tired to weep/Finally, I will sleep”, this really works well with the theme of Room because Ma’s only escape was to sleep, falling deeper and deeper into her depression, it being her only escape. The personification of “It” in “The Light” I think is really interesting because to me it feels as though he is talking not only about the light, but also as an extended metaphor for a person, which could be in terms of Room is seen as Old Nick, holding Ma and Jack prisoner. There is a shift in the poem, at the beginning of the fourth stanza. The tone of the poem starts to become helpless and as though the writer is giving up. I think that this fits in with the tone and theme of entrapment. I think this because near the end of the novel, Ma starts to give up, she even attempts suicide, which works well with the lines “It will eventually burn out… Finally I will sleep”. I think that this is the writer also saying good bye, finding their own escape. Analysis This except comes from the non-fiction memoir Lost and Found: The True Story of Jaycee Lee Dugard and the Abduction that Shocked the World written by John Glatt. Jaycee Lee Dugard was a young girl who was kidnapped at the age of 11 and suffered similar circumstances faced by Ma and Jack. Jaycee Lee Dugard was held captive for eighteen years and had two daughters during that time. This is very similar to Ma’s case, where she was imprisoned for seven years and gave birth to two children, however only Jack survived. This excerpt describes the prison Jaycee Durgard’s captor built for her. To me this is the exact definition of entrapment, especially when the author describes the shed as “escape proof”. This is much like Room in the sense that it was sound proof and escape proof, with the “planted shrubbery” and the “eight foot fence to conceal the rear-half”. By describing the place where Dugard was forced to like as “a kind of concentration camp” provides another image of entrapment, it also provides another reference to other experiences of entrapment, which were concentration camps and the holocaust. I think that this is imagery relates to Emma Donoghue’s Room and the theme of entrapment because the people who were sent to the concentration camps were essentially kidnapped, much like Ma, and were forced to do many horrific things, causing severe mental and physical truama’s, much like the ones that Ma faces towards the end of the novel. Analysis This is an article about actress Catherine Zeta Jones, who is suffering from bipolar disorder. I chose this article because I find Catherine Zeta Jones’ courage to come out and explain to the world about her bipolar disorder so amazing and it really shows that she is not trapped by it. Jones revealed what it was like to actually like with bipolar disorder, and how she lives with it. This really reminds me of the final pages of Room. This is because it reminds me of Ma over coming her depression and her coming to terms with it. This article also relates to my text because both Jones and Ma suffered from mental disorders and came out stronger. Jones was trapped by her disorder, much like Ma, and though she might have tried to control it herself, she couldn’t do it alone. Like Ma, she had to attend a rehab center to learn about her condition and learn how to control it and live with it. Analysis This is a clip from the 2005 Michael Bay movie, The Island. The Island is a film about a man named Lincoln, who escapes from a utopian facility after he finds out that he is a clone and is being grown as an insurance policy. The idea of the “Island” is that it is a rouse that the people living in the facility are the soul survivors of a worldwide epidemic and once a week there is a lottery and one person is chosen to go and live on “The Island” which is the only place that was not touched by the epidemic. However the people chosen do not go live on the island, they are taken away to the real world and used by the people they are clones of. I chose this clip because much like Jack, the people living in the facility are unaware that they are in any danger, and are completely unaware of the outside world. Also like Jack the clones living in the facility are completely content there and have no desire to leave, or even look for a possible escape. This shows the theme of entrapment because even though they are unaware of the true intentions of the facilitators the clones are still trapped there, unaware of the world around them.
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