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Parodies in Shrek

No description

Joon Park

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of Parodies in Shrek

How is Shrek a Parody?
Many famous fairy tale characters within the movie
Scenes related to many other different kinds of film
Has elements of modern culture/technology
Example 1
Example 2
All of the fairytale characters show up at Shrek's house
Example 5
Fionna singing to the birds
Parodies the Disney film "Snow White"
Party Finale
All characters party in the end
Parodies modern culture
Example 4
Fionna fights off the Merrymen
Scene where Fionna does a Matrix-like kick
Parodies in Shrek
Tinkerbell falls on Donkey
Donkey says "I can fly" and people around including three little pigs, go say "He can fly, he can fly" it is referencing Disney's Peter Pan movie.
Example 3
Shrek and Donkey go to Lord Farquaad amusement park
Parodies modern day amusement parks such as Disneyland
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