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My 14th Colony

No description

Halle Craig

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of My 14th Colony

My 14th Colony
By Halle Craig
This is the Pink House, my colony's version of a white house. This is the source of my colony's government.
We have a House of Representatives. The Representatives (50) are voted on every 4 years and live near and work in this Pink House. The Representatives will create and justify laws and will also be the judicial court to do trials in the courthouse. I chose this government to make sure there are always fair laws and a good economy in my colony.
We also have a leader/president of the colony (Me, of course) that stays/lives at the Pink House, and can veto the House of Representatives decisions with the King/Queen of England's approval.
My colony will also have a constitution, or set of laws and rules. Some of the laws in my colony are you cannot murder or harm another being, you cannot steal, you must pay school taxes, you must send your children to school, seperation of church and state, freedom of conscience/religion, and no slavery EVER.
Marriage and dating rules in my colony are fairly simple. You may not marry until you are eighteen and get a certificate of marriage from whichever church you attend for your religion. Atheists get their certificates from the Pink House. As for dating, you may date whenever you want, but it would be considered odd and gross if you dated when you were under nine or ten.
Punishments for breaking the laws are enforced here. In the Court House, they decide that if you are guilty how long you will be staying in here for or if you will be executed here for serious crimes.
This is the Jail House, where criminals who broke the laws are kept.
This is the court house, where trials are held and paper money is made.
The form of payment in this colony is paper money including 1's, 2's, 5's, 10's, 20's, 50's, 100's, and 500's. Ben Franklin is in the center of the first three bills, the queen on the $10 bill and the king on the $20, whereas I'M on bills 50, 100, and 500. In this court house, there is a money machine where all this money is properly made.
My colony has religious freedom, and anyone can attend whichever church they choose. In other parts of my colony, there is another Christian church, Protestant church, and this one is a Catholic one. There are also two synagogues.
Since one of the jobs in my colony is being a judge or lawyer, here is where they do their work in judicial trials, for suspects to be ruled guilty or not guilty.
With our separation of church and state law, whatever religion is free to come here and have just the same right of every other person.
We will have public education in my colony, and there are many other schoolhouses just like this one located all around my colony.
Rules regarding education include; teaching your own children to read, sending your children to a public school when they are four. Having them attend school until they are eighteen and ready to go to college is another important rule.
Any child above the age of four can and will be educated in a local schoolhouse, no matter what race or religion. To pay for school, there are monthly taxes for public education so even children from poor families can get a good education.
This is the college where teachers and professors work. Those over 18 usually attend here, but have to pay unless they have a scholarship.
Those who go to school here are educated for a lot of great jobs. Those jobs include...
Becoming a Representative, teacher, professor, constructor, judge, lawyer, blacksmith, doctor, or run for president! Every worker is paid by the Pink House!
Other jobs you don't need to be educated for include being a lumberjack, farmer, clothes-maker, maid, or fisher.
For recreation in my colony we have this wonderful park where children can play baseball, football, jump rope, basketball, and lots of other sports.
Other than playing sports and games at this park, there are also shows. Children and adults put on a small play or puppet show every night except Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. People come here all the time to have picnics with their families and pets, play some fun games, and watch a cool show.
To get from my colony to England, you...
Would set sail off of my colony's peninsula and go from Lake Michigan and sail on through
and Ontario.
Then up the St. Lawerence River
Out here.
Then cross the Atlantic...
The average house in my colony is about this size, but they all look different.
In my colony, this is a typical backyard garden. Almost everyone has one, and their garden is where they get their fruits and vegetables to sell or to have their family eat from. This provides them with everything except meat. They get water from the well. There is a well in every city.
This is part of the market, there are many in my colony, where people go to get meat and fresh fruits and vegetables they don't have that farmers provide.
This blue line represents the border that will protect my colony. It is lined with the houses of those with weapons that have bought them from our bow and arrow shops and use them to defend my colony.
This is a farm. Farmers usually grow cranberries, corn, cherries, apples, pumpkin, melon, and cocoa beans in their farms. The animals raised in the farms are sheep, pigs, cows, bulls, chickens, roosters, horses, and dogs.
I chose this location for my colony because it is so close to Lake Michigan and has the Mississippi River, so my colony can always have fresh drinking water. My colony also gets the best of each season here; hot, humid summers, cool, windy falls, snowy, cold winters, and wet, warm springs.
This is a boat on it's way to England. My colony will continue to support England by bringing it crops, wood and metal products, and medicines our great doctors have made.
THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And then you'll end up in England!
And now you're in England!!!
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