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Hero's Journey

1st period SCI FI class presentation

Emily Gardner

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Hero's Journey

Hero's Journey The Neverending Story Road Of Trials In the Neverending story, Atreyu has to go through many obstacles. He has to pass through three gates. Two of them are oracles like the two angles looking statues seen in this photo and the other is a mirror that will revile Bastian. In the last gate Atreyu learns that what he needs to give the Empress is a new name, but the name can't be from Atreyu it must be from an earthen child which can only be found beyond the boundaries of Fantasia. Apostasis Atreyu looses his faithful companion to the sadness of the swamp when Artex, the horse, lets the swamp take over himself. The Call toAdventure A buffalo hunter named Atreyu is called to the Ivory Tower where the Empress lives to help save the land of Fantasia from the Nothingness that is taking over the land. Atreyu is the great Purple Buffalo hunter and is Fantasia's last hope of surviving and saving the Empress. As the Nothingness grows stronger, the Empress is slowly dying. Supernatural Aid Atreyu's aid has come into play where Bastian, the boy reading the book, is become known to the viewers. The boy is a very important part in this book/film because he is the only person that can save Fantasia. He is with Atreyu through the his entire adventure. The First Threshold In the first threshold, Atreyu has to find Morla the turtle who is most wise and knows what will cure the Empress from her sickness. When he gets there the old turtle wont give him any answers because nothing matters. He doesn't care, and he has obviously gone crazy from being alone all those years. He only tells Atreyu that he must find the Oracle, which is practically impossible because it is 10,000 miles away. Atreyu trudges on and just when things seem to be hopeless, a Luck Dragon named Falcor comes to save him from the swamp of sadness and from the wolf who is out to kill Atreyu. Magic Flight Falcor saved Atreyu from the Nothing after he has slain the wolf who was hunting him down. The Nothing has taken over Fantasia and only a few remaining pieces are left of it. Atreyu is lucky enough to come across the Ivory Tower, with help from his luck dragon and the orin, where the Empress is. He goes to the tower with the news that he has found what will save Fantasia and that's when Bastian and Atreyu's worlds start coming together. Bastain is under pressure to give the Empress a new name, he has it chosen but doesn't believe that it's real a just a story. Master of Two Worlds When Bastian gives the Empress a new name, both of the worlds collide, he gets to see everything that he read about. He is the real world and the fantasy world that he has read about and traveled with Atreyu. Everything is making sense. Freedom to Live Bastian rides Falcor back to his town and chases down these three kids who threw him in the dumpster earlier that morning. With a little help, he has faced his fears. He is definitely living in the moment, not caring about the consequences he might be in when he gets home for skipping school.
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