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Non-Profit Presentation

No description

Lauren Rocks

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of Non-Profit Presentation

Non-Profit Organizations
World Wildlife Fund
What Is a Non-Profit Organization?
Greatest Advantage
Greatest Disadvantage
Top 10 Organizations
United ways
Salvation Army
Feed the children
Gifts in kind
The Red Cross
Catholic Charities USA
Feeding America
Mayo Foundation
Tax exemption/deduction
limited liability
Helping people and causes
Some, not all, are allowed to solicit charitable donations from the public
By: Lauren D., Lauren M., and Jayden
A non-profit organization is a type of business where they use their profit towards helping others who are in need rather than keeping it.
Tax Exemption
Shared Control
Thanks for listening to our presentation!
- paperwork
- public concerns
- shared control
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