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Acorn Community: Utopia or Not?

No description

Isabella Lyons

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Acorn Community: Utopia or Not?

Acorn Community: Utopia or Not?
General Information
About the Community
7 miles down the road
Hanging out, listening to music, reading & creating art, baking, playing with kids, reading emails, and visiting their friends outside of the community
5 min walk from the clean refreshing Anna river where they take daily swims in hot weather
More About the Community
Income sharing
Original barn for additional living
4 acre garden
seed exchange
The Seed Exchange

Vegetables, herbs, and flowers
January to April
March to August
August to October
The Thomas Jefferson foundation
Heritage Harvest Festival
Decision Making
They make their decisions by formal consensus
A full member can "stand aside"
Full members can block a proposal but provisional members can not
Members meet twice a week for an 1 1/2 hours
A provisional status member lasts for one year
Full members get their health care covered
There is no information on children's education
We think the community has survived because they all work together and help one another and they also have similar interests
We don't think they could expand because not everyone is interested in rural farming
To some people, like farmers they would think of this as a Utopia but others would not be able to adapt
Central Virginia
35 people
Twin Oaks
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