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right to play

No description

ryan beazley

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of right to play

why did right to play choose to give children a better childhood through 'play' instead of essential resources
Who Is The Creator?
The creator of right to play was Johann Olav Koss he was an olympic speed skater after the 1994 winter olympic Johann decided to led a trip to Eritrea he then realized the realities of life in a country emerging from war. he meet a boy in a long sleeve shirt and he was very popular because of his shirt, the kids used that as a ball to play with. that young boy inspired Johann to create Right To Play.
where do they help?
Right To Play helps so many places world wide. This organization has 2 technical assistance programs and 17 regular programs. their 2 technical assistance programs are in Panama and New York City in the U.S.A. right to plays regular programs are in Ontario and Manitoba, Liberia, Mali, Ghana, Benin, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Burundi, Uganda, Rwanda, Lebanon, Jordan, Pakistan, Tailand, China and the Palestinian Territories (Best Bank & Gaza)
How Do They Help
Right to play does multiple things to make the children happy and let them have an amazing childhood. They give kids a quality eduction by helping teachers learn how to make school fun so kids enjoy it. They also teach the children important health lessons by creating fun games and activities for them to experience a healthy life style. As well they teach kids how to live peacefully. "The joy of play transcends ethnic, culture and historical divides. when children play together, they learn skills to live peacefully."-Right To Play
Right To Play is a global organization using the trans formative power of play to educate children and youth. they give kids multiple opportunities to create better a chilhood.
right to play
What Is Right To Play?
Their Impact
Right to play is helping one million kids all around the world realize their dreams. In Rwanda, right to play has helped to create a national physical education and health curriculum. 92% of kids in the progam knew how to prevent HIV. 82% of kids wash their hands regularly V.S 52% of kids not in the progam do. 84% of kids in the libera program know how to solve conflicts peacefully. in benin the coaches say that the programs contribute greatly to there community.

Right To Play knows that essantial resources are important but so is a good childhood. When you grow up your childhood will be a part of you. Right To Play says "A better childhood is the key to a better life." There are lots of other organizations that give kids around the world importanat things like food and water but most organizations dont give children a better lifestyle. That is why Right To Play gives children a better chilhood.
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