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Marie Todd

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of Assessment

The Purpose of Assessment
Find out what skills and knowledge your child already knows
Identify their strengths and and areas for development
Inform teachers next learning steps, planning and differentiated learning groups
What does that look like for my child?
Once your child has settled into school the teachers will invite you for an interview.

Beginning School Assessment comprises of
Writing vocabulary
Reading ability
Oral Language
Number and Mathematical knowledge
Fine Motor Skills
Personal, Social and Emotional skills
Where to Next ?
Assessments continue throughout your child's schooling
School communicates your child's progress, through mid term and end of year reports, Parent Teacher Interviews and Pupil Progress Presentations
Informal discussions with your child's classroom teacher

What do we Assess and When?
Reading , Writing and Mathematics, against the National Standard
Once your child reaches after 1 year, after 2 years etc (dependent on start date at school)
From year 4 onwards your child is then judged on 'At the end of the year' standard
Queries or Concerns
If you have any questions regarding your child's progress, your first port of call is the classroom teacher

Remember not all children progress at the same rate - important not to compare

Target Children
Teachers track children's progress
Sometimes children are identified as needing extra support
These children then become our 'target' children and are monitored closely
If your child is a 'target' child this will be shared with you so that you can support them at home
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