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Elementary Internet Safety

No description

Clare Pickel

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Elementary Internet Safety

"Better safe than sorry" Internet Safety!
Do you like to play games online?
Do you go to different websites?
Do you make sure you know what you're on? Our Outline: Stay safe online!
1. Talk about what kind of games we play online.

2. Watch a video!

3. Do a little activity about what we have learned.

4. Come together as a class to talk about what we learned.

5. Play a game that goes over all of the fun information we have learned! Discussion - What kind of games do you play online?

- What websites do you go to?

- Do your parents check so that they know what websites you're on? Watch this: http://www.netsmartzkids.org/LearnWithClicky/BeSaferOnline Follow up: 1. Pull out a piece of paper and number it 1-3.

2. Follow along with the discussion questions! Discussion questions! 1. What was something important you took from the video?

2. What were the three points on the stop light?

3. What was the point of the video? The finishing touch! Play this game to remember all those fun tips we learned today! http://www.netsmartzkids.org/AdventureGames/TheInternetSafetyGame
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