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Cornell Notes

No description

Yasmeen Yamak

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Cornell Notes

Cornell Notes The REAL way Solid have a definition of shape
Solid have a definition of volume
Liquid has no definision of shape
Liquid has definition of volume
Gas no definition of shape Gas no definition of volume Why do you need it?!?! - Better way to study
- You'll do better on test if done right How does it work? ATB!!!
-AFTER 10 minutes of writing notes (1st Rep)
(2nd Rep)
-BEFORE your test (3rd Rep) Watch It in Action First 10 minutes 1st Cross Out Excess Info. 2nd Mark Point of Confusion 3rd Highlight & Underline 4th Block Gaps of Information 24 Hours Later Describe a solid. What does it have? Describe a liquid. What does it have? Describe a gas, what does it have and not have? Write Questions On Left Side Before A Test Write The Summary The differenece between a solid and a
liquid is that solid has definite shape
and liquid doesn't. Liquid also had
definite volume. Gas has no shape or
volume. A+ Essential Question -Write a question on the top of the page
-Notes should answer this question EVIDENCE What are the
of a solid? What are the
of a liquid? What are the
of a gas? The characteristics of a solid is that it has definite shape and volume. Liquid had shape but no volume. Gas has no shape no volume. ? * * This WILL help! Thanks!
-Tremble Makers
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