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Marian Bantjes

No description

Brittany Yeager

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Marian Bantjes

Marian Bantjes
"I Wonder"
Biography Pt. 1
She is a Canadian designer, who works internationally on an island on the coast of Vancover. She started working as a typesetter and then opened her own firm in 1994. After, she started a webblog, "Speak Up."
Biography Pt.2
The artwork from "Speak Up" was more artistic and love based, unlike her passed work. She wrote "I Wonder" and "Pretty Pictures."
Cover Of "Pretty Pictures"
How She Is Unique Pt.1
Marian Bantjes has vey unique artwork compared to other graphic designers. She uses curves and flowy lines in some of her work.
"Water Works"
How She Is Unique Pt. 2
The flowy curves of her artwork is different from most graphic designer, that use negative space or geometric shapes. She uses a more artistic view in her art.
"Love Poem"
"I Want It All"
Digital Prints
"All The Boys"
"Click Me"
In The Book "Pretty Pictures"
"Varoom 18"
"The Vivid World"
Here is another one of her brilliant pieces.
Marian Bantjes
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