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Carrotmob - How ISB students are changing businesses to go green


Kerry Dyke

on 1 March 2012

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Transcript of Carrotmob - How ISB students are changing businesses to go green

Chapter 1: The Problem What is a Carrotmob? 500, 000, 000, 000
plastic bags per year do consumers care? plastic bags We use the carrot;
not the stick Shoppers actually making ... It's win - win 4 everyone! A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE to help the planet Chapter 2: A Solution How does a Carrotmob work? Step 1. You get a lot of people
to join your mob Step 2. Put companies
into a competiton Step 3. One company wins the competition together the mob has a lot of... Companies want your... It could be any competition Step 4. The mob shows up to support the company HOW? by shopping Chapter 3:
How do we get companies to change? we don't riot, protest, or boycott Carrotmob is a whole new approach to changing business. 1st in Asia! Chapter 4: V-Day Guess how many are in our Facebook mob? Environmentalists - You win because the store stops using plastic bags Business - You win because you get customers, money, green image, and media attention. Customer - You win because you have an excuse to shop Villa says "No to plastic bags" With a stick? or with a carrot? stick = punishment carrot = reward because everyone loses With carrotmob,
everyone wins Can we get a mob of 500 people to shop on V-Day? 5. If this is successful, we will target these places next. This is "the stick" (but we are choosing to ban plastic bags) Around the world countries and cities
are stepping up to reduce plactic bags It's a simple concept Will it work? The exact # was
1397 shoppers Reward businesses that make eco changes Carrotmob # 2. 6 businesses were asked to enter the competition Green Panther students went to each business to do an eco survey to help us analyze their eco footprint and offer suggestions to help them. https://docs.google.com/document/d/16nYRfC6XsNDUKbHm-Z_fWtP8-9JESLBBi8v4Ipdi4CI/edit?hl=en&authkey=CLe9pewH# Companies picked the changes they wanted to make and had just over a month to organize it. To see full details copy the link below We ranked the 5 companies
& chose 3 winners 3rd place
105 customers 2nd Place
110 customers 1st place
205 customers C. Mob 1 C. Mob 2 Earth Week
April 29, 2011 5 agreed to participate Make eco changes to your company What difference can you make? What difference can WE make? C. Mob 3? Problem = Companies will do anything for money! Solution =
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