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How to create a Liferay reporting dashboard is minutes

This prezi explains how easy and quick it is to create reporting dashboard on Liferay using Aperte Reports.

Tomek Lipski

on 16 October 2011

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Transcript of How to create a Liferay reporting dashboard is minutes

1. design a report 2. upload report definition 3. add&configure dashboard portlet ... and enjoy your dashboard! Create Liferay reporting dashboard
in three easy steps! start iReport Designer
create new report
design report's query
provide Aperte Reports specific properties
run report tests open your Liferay Portal page and log in
navigate to the Aperte Reports Manager portlet
upload your report definition
specify report options and parameters add new Aperte Reports Dashboard portlet to a page
open Portlet Preferences page
select reports to be displayed
provide parameters and display options for reports
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