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Celia Behind Me

No description

Katelyn Clements

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Celia Behind Me

e My Theme "Celia Behind Me" is a story about many argumentative
things, but I strongly believe that it is a story about:
Pain, identity and growing as a person. Three Images 1: "Her pleading eyes magnified behind those ugly lenses so that you couldn't look at her when you told her she couldn't play skipping unless she was an ender. "Because you cant skip worth Fart!" Whispered in her ear " Fart , Fart , Fart!" Reason why? The author is saying we all have pain and that there
is no need to take your pain and anger out against someone else. The story is always portraying identity and growing as a person. In order for you to grow as a person you need to accept our ugly qualities and our identity is influenced by our peers and our peers play a role on how we act around them and the decisions we make. You lost the control of being an individual and you become dependent on your friends, and vise versa Release of resentment towards someone I chose "Forgave" as the most significant word because even though through out all the torture and taunting Celia was still able to forgive Elizabeth for hurting her. Even though Elizabeth was very rude about it, She thought it was all Celia's fault she was taunted herself and never found it in her self to "forgive her ", like Celia really needed to right? I thought it was very brave and strong for Celia to forgive Elizabeth for all the taunting, and was able to let go of the resentment towards her. Let go of the wrong that has been done to you To pardon someone of an offense 2: "No, no, no!" jeered Sandra! "Suckybabies cant have sweets either. Di-a-beet-ics and Suck-y-ba-bies can't eat chocolate. Give it back, you little fart, Celia! That's the last time I ever give you anything!"
Wild, appreciative laughter from the chocolate tongued mob, as they turned there backs on, Celia and me and waited while Sandra crushed the rest into little slivers 3:"You little fart!" I screamed at her, my voice breaking and tearing at the words. " You little diabetic fart! I hate you! I hate you! Stop it, stop crying, I hate you! I could bash your head in I hate you so much , you fart , you fart! I'll smash your head like a melon! And it'll go in pieces all over and you'll die! You'll die, you diabetic! You are going to die." Shaking her, shaking her and banging her against the cold, ribbed metal, crying and sobbing for grief and grasping with exertion of pure hatred.
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