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a prezi about the egyptian game senet

rafael estrella

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Senet

By Rafael Estrella What Is Senet? Senet is an Egyptian board game that may be an ancestor to today's backgammon. We have learned about this game from the boards left behind by the ancient Egyptians. There have been more than 40 of these boards found and even some of the playing pieces like pawns, sticks, and knuckle bones! Items Used in The game of Senet The game was played on a board with 30 squares that have been drawn out (ten in each row) and squares 26 to 30 would have symbols on them. Space 26 is the house of Rejuvenation. If your piece lands here you recieve a free turn. Space 27 is the Waters of Chaos. If your piece lands here, you lose a turn and that piece is removed from the board.Space 28 is the House of Three Truths. If your piece lands here, you must cast a three to end the game. Space 29 is the House of Re-Atum. If your piece lands here you must cast a two to end the game. Lastly, Space 30 is the Re-Horakty, or Re, the Sun god. This space is considered the most important and you must cast a one to move from here. Ibua (which means dancer in Egyptian) were the playing pieces. These pieces came in many different shapes. Most of the time each player had five pieces shaped like cones and pyramids, or cones and barrels. Sticks or knuckle bones were used as dice and were cast so players knew how many places to move their piece. Who Played Senet in Egypt? The Game Of
Senet The game senet was very popular in Ancient Egypt. It was played by both high class people , such as the pharaoh and by commoners! A board of this game was even found in the tomb of the young pharaoh Tutankhamen!
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