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"Her Hair" and "A Carcass" by Charles Baudelaire

No description

Olivia Kidney

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of "Her Hair" and "A Carcass" by Charles Baudelaire

Charles Baudelaire Her Hair Baudelaire describes her hair as a sea of ebony kind of like this... Baudelaire seems to enjoy writing about love or you can call it obsession "Ill plunge my head, enamored of its pleasure..." "...In this black ocean where the other hides" A Carcass We start with a beautiful morning in June... And we end up with a carcass. ummm... EW! Then he tells his "love" how she will end up like this carcass He describes her being eaten by maggots i think it is time to end that relationship! Baudelaire is a very unique writer with his own style I would recommend his work to any student BAUDELAIRE Along with these poems he has other famous works Including: Correspondences and To the Reader CHECK THIS GUY OUT! Presentation Created By:
Olivia Kidney

With Credit To:
Prezi.com His obsession with her hair is obvious! It seems like he can't get his nose or face out of it.
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