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Gun Control

should we or should we not

Jud Ochogi

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Gun Control

Gun Control In 1789 the constitution was written and with it comes the 10 amendments, ten rights that are grant to all american citizens. The second amendment says that all american citizens have the right to bear arms. For decades theres has been nothing wrong with this right. Until the virgina tech shooting took place in 2007. The shooter killed 32 people with a few different type of guns. America's 44th president Barack Obama decides that guns are too easy to obtain. He argues that people that carry guns are four times more likely to get shot. And that less guns equals less school shootings and murders. His plan is to significantly lower the number of firearms sold per month. But not all see the way that our President Obama does. gun store owners argue that "guns dont kill people, people kill people." many argue that without a person a gun wont kill anyone and that a violent person can kill jus as easily without a gun then they did with the gun. They argue that without guns ctizens are more vonurable to criminals. To this day congress still argues many bills on gun control. wheather we will be rid our guns is still unkown. Theres many people for and agianst gun control, so all we can do is wait and see. The first gun was used in Europe in 1280. Then in 1492 the riffle was invented. Since then many types of guns have been invented such as handguns,machine guns ect. For years guns have been used for things such as war and hunting. Background History Pros Less school shootings cons more crimes goes against the constitution affects all gun users
less murders less arm robberys citizens are more unsafe from ciminals prevent kids from wanting one
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